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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 9

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 9
© Bumni B Gabriel

Theme: all about them boys.



Ever had that illness that you wish will never end? That special illness that brought you so much joy and happiness? That made your dreams come true? That was the particular one I was in then. Kara was the nicest and most caring being in the planet. She did whatever I want, cooked, brought me food and fed me herself. She was always there and she slept beside me in the hospital each night, holding my hand and letting me sleep on her chest. Even when I touched her b00bs intentionally, she didn’t care at all. I was her baby and sweetheart, the one she must take care of, her Prince.
I never wished for that to end.
‘Open your mouth Kieran.’ She ordered demandingly.
‘I can feed myself now.’ I said defiantly. She hit my head with the spoon.
‘Kieran Dariel Kingston, open your mouth.’ She said sternly. I sighed and opened my mouth, she smiled and shoved a spoonful of fried rice into my mouth. Did I forget to mention how much of an awesome cook she is.
‘From now on, I swear to never eat any other food that isn’t prepared by you. You are a born chef!’ I exclaimed. She bowed her head blushingly and tucked her hair behind her ear. I can make Kara of all people blush, isn’t that abso-goddamn-lutely awesome!
I moved my hand into her skirt caressing her thighs intentionally. She didn’t retaliate but let me have my way. She keeps surprising me, I feel like she’s suddenly enjoying my touch. Her skin was really supple and silky. I moved my hand deeper and she let out a small m0an. I froze with shock because I wasn’t expecting it. I was yet to get use to her whole niceness thing, let alone she letting me feel her skin. It was like she was possessed or up to something bad. The door flew open and her friends walked in. Kara wasn’t the only one being nice to me, her friends too. Except Lydia of course.
We had something in the past, not intentional. She was really drunk and I was tizzy and was wishing to be with Kara. It was at a Halloween party, I thought she was Kara because she wore Kara’s bat girl costume. I didn’t know they switched clothes so when she happily kissed me, I just went with it. That simple act sealed Robert’s hatred for me, he stabbed me with a knife but no one believed that sweet and never negative Robert would ever do anything like such. That’s one of the reason why Kara hated me.
‘Kara, cuz look at what Shade and Oscar did to my hair!’ Riha cried. She removed her cap and her hair fell out. It was a messed up rainbow. ‘I look like a messed up rainbow troll!’ She sobbed.
‘Hey relax, just watch it out.’ Kara said nervously. I realised it was because of where my hand was so I stylishly removed it and she sighed with relief.
‘It’s permanent!!!’ She yelled.
‘Shade will never use permanent dye on you.’ I blunted out
‘What’s that suppose to mean?’ Charlotte hissed. I bit my lip, I figured out that Riha was the girl he was in love with.
‘I meant, he believes in hair you know,’ I lied terribly. ‘Just shut up and wash if off with the anti dye chemical for permanent dye I kept in my bathroom cabinet.’
‘You have one? How?’
‘I made sure I made one after I accidentally permanently dyed my hair gray’ I said sarcastically glaring at Riha who actually did it. She grinned.
‘I was wondering how you got it out…’ She mused lowly.
‘If you want to permanently make Shade and Oscar surrender, permanently make them bald.’ I said nonchalantly. They gasped.
‘Really?’ Kara asked quizzically.
‘Yea that’s their ultimate weakness,’ I replied sucking my lip. ‘I also have a bottle that will do that but not permanently, it’s in the drawer also. Give it to Lina and tell her something, she will do it for you and I’m sure Lydia can handle Shade.’
‘And why are you helping us if I may ask?’ Lydia asked suspiciously.
‘Will it be off if I say I want to call it a truce?’
‘Hmm,’ she stared at me and then at Kara who shrugged. ‘I don’t trust you.’
‘Lydia I’m a guy who almost died, do you think I didn’t get a lesson or two? It’s time to grow up.’ I said maturely.
‘Or to fall in love,’ Bianca muttered. ‘Truce accepted.’
‘Not until Kong respect himself,’ Charlotte said stubbornly. ‘What’s his weakness?’ She asked curiously with big eyes.
‘Me?’ She asked confusedly. ‘Why me?’
‘Think it through Charlotte,’ Kara said coolly and resumed feeding me. They all stared at us with gaping mouth. ‘What?’ She asked coldly. They smiled and winked at her, she chuckled. ‘Shut up.’
The others left, leaving only me, Lydia, Riha, Nina and Bianca. After putting Kieran to sleep, (my cute baby) we walked out of the hospital. Nina came with her car so she offered to drop Bianca off since they live in the same street. She leaned on my car and crossed her arms.
‘What’s up with you and Kieran?’ She asked calmly.

‘Yea I wanna know too.’ Bianca said curiously.
‘Nothing, I’m just being nice to him.’
‘Kara, his hand was enjoying the freshness of your skin, not just your skin, your thighs. That’s not simply “niceness” Riha said making air quotation. I sighed.
‘You guys saw that right?’
‘Clearer than a baby’s butt.’ Lydia said. I sighed.
‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me girls, I’m confuse.’ I said honestly.
‘You like him, easy as ABC.’ Lydia said scoffingly.
‘No I don’t.’ I snapped.
‘Yea right,’ Riha murmured. ‘I like Shade.’ She added changing the topic.
‘Yea, we know,’ Nina and Bianca said bored. I arched an eyebrow at them and they shrugged. ‘It’s obvious.’
‘And Lydia is in love with Robert,’ Nina added. I smiled as she gasped unable to talk back. ‘And I’m dying to see the guy I’m falling for but don’t even know his name.’
‘And I’ve been avoiding Hudson since we kissed and made love.’ Bianca sighed.
‘You did what!’ We exclaimed.
‘Oops! That came out wrong,’ she said nervously. ‘This is awkward.’
‘You didn’t tell us you actually slept with him, you said almost!!!’ I yelled.
‘I’m sorry, I was scared and embarrassed okay,’ she said tearily. ‘I feel so cheap.’
‘Didn’t he call back?’
‘He doesn’t let my phone or doorbell rest but I’ve been avoiding him and I wanted to….I’m so sorry I lied.’ She sobbed.
‘We are all confused and complicated idiots.’ I laughed lifting the tension. They laughed too.
‘Now I’m going to kill….did you use protection?’
‘It wasn’t expected so we didn’t.’ She said wiping her tears.
‘Okay did he cvm inside of you?’ She shifted uncomfortably. ‘He did’ I said frowningly. She stared at her feet.
‘Just pray you don’t get pregnant’ Lydia said rather warningly.
We are messed up but it’s cool.
Do I really like Kieran?
We haven’t been able to take care of Kira because of how busy we were with her “father” so Clary gave us one more day to take care of her while the others already submitted. Riha did turn Shade and Oscar bald and it was hilarious. I mean their hair just fell off in class. Oscar have a really weird shaped head and Shade is still good looking. Riha’s words not mine.
Kieran was discharged a day earlier after the hair scandal, he laughed when I showed him the pictures of their heads and I love his laugh. I was going to his house to finish the project and I couldn’t stop rummaging through my wardrobe for a perfect dress. I’ve totally lost it.

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‘What the…’ Kerah mused when she saw my messed up room. ‘Did a tornado sweep through your wardrobe or something?’
‘Shut up Kerah and help me find a nice dress,’ I snapped preening in front of my mirror. ‘Does this dress make me look fat?’
‘Nooooo, but where are you going to? A date?’
‘No, Kieran’s.’ I smiled.
‘No wonder.’ She muttered.
‘What’s that suppose to mean?’ I asked frowningly. ‘This dress sucks.’ I went to my wardrobe again.
‘I was going to ask you for fashion advice but it seems like your fashion sense is blundered.’
‘What for?’ I sighed.
‘Play date with Mason.’ She chirped.
‘Aren’t you too old for that?’ I asked churlishly.
‘For Clarabelle and his dog stupid.’ She scoffed. I smiled.
‘At his house?’ She hummed a reply. ‘Wear a crop top and short with sneakers.’
‘I’m not going there to seduce him.’ She hissed.
‘Okay wear something like a hmmm…skinny jeans and a shirt.’
‘Thanks.’ She muttered disappointedly.
‘What?’ I asked averting my gaze to her. She sighed and sat on my bed.
‘I just feel like I shouldn’t fall for him, that he’ll hurt me.’ She said sadly. I gasped dramatically.
‘You think,’ I said tauntingly.
‘b****,’ she cursed throwing the big teddy at me. ‘Can you just be reasonable for five seconds.’ She snapped.
‘Five…four…three…two…one…times up.’ I sang. She chuckled.
‘Insufferable b****y witch.’
‘That’s the only insult you know little Kitty.’ I mocked.
‘I’m not a troll like you so shut your damn mouth and put on a straight gown to exaggerate your curves and boots because you always look hot in them.’
‘Ah! Good one.’
‘Have fun seducing Kieran for me and BTW, use protection.’ She said winkingly. I gasped and picked up the teddy, she ran away immediately, laughing. I bit my lip sheepishly when a thought of actually sleeping with Kieran crossed my mind.
Is he good in bed like everyone say?
Ah Kara!

I laughed and searched for my favourite coral straight gown. It was made out of silk and had a lot of glitters. It hands were a off the shoulder pearl straps hands with pearl fastened to the neckline. Now for shoes. I walked to my shoe wardrobe and saw my favourite white back zipper knee high boots with sparkle.
‘Mom’s better,’ I ran to mom’s room and borrowed her shoes. it’s the same as mine but like I said before, wearing my parents’ stuffs gives me confident. I used her makeup to give myself a light pink touch and styled my hair seven different times before settling with a straight hair. My hair is naturally in a beach wave with slight curl but I straightened it for the occasion. I can’t believe I’m crushing on Kieran.
I moved my hair back with a white headband and wore white earrings and carried my mom’s white shoulder purse. She will kill me one day.
‘Ahem,’ speak about the devil.
‘Hi mom…’ I said sheepishly staring at her on the bed. How come I didn’t notice her there before.
‘You need to stop using my things.’ she said bluntly.
‘Sure, but when I turn fifty.’ I said picking up dad’s perfume. She rolled her eyes.
‘That’s male perfume.’
‘I know,’ I chirped spraying the perfume. ‘I feel better now.’
‘Where to? Who’s the guy?’
‘Kieran but not a date,’ I said sharply and ran out of her room before she began “the talk”. ‘I’ll be back before dinner!!!’ I shouted.
‘Die there!!!!’ Kerah shouted.
‘Butthead!!!’ I shouted and she laughed loudly. I took mom’s white hybrid sport car and drove off. Mom and dad had a lot of cars with different colors. Gifts from people. I stopped at a bakery to get Kyla the cupcakes I promised her. People were staring at me, I was the hot girl after all.
‘Hello, good morning.’ I greeted the guy at the counter who was drooling over me.
‘And to you too,’ he said putting on his smoulder face. Gross! ‘You are really beautiful my dear,’ he complimented flirtatiously. I remembered when Kieran said those exact words to me and blushed. ‘What’s your name?’ He asked more confident than before. I snorted.
He thought I blushed because of him.
‘What?’ He asked confusedly.
‘I need seven cupcakes and a box of donuts.’ I said briskly.

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‘But I tho….what flavour?’
‘Make it nine cupcakes. Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana, blue and raspberry, apple, mango and anything to cover the last one.’
‘Hold on…’ He said disappointedly. I nodded and brought out my ringing phone.
I chuckled at the name of the caller. I saved his contact with handsome nitwit. I grinned and blushed at the cool photo he forcefully added to his contact. I giggled and picked up the call. Kara is crazy!
‘I’m on my way already.’
‘Don’t forget my cupcakes.’ Kyla’s tiny voice said from the other end. I pouted disappointedly. I wanted to hear him talk.
‘Where’s Kieran?’
‘He’s with Zuma and his kids,’ she chirped. ‘What kind of flavour are you buying?’
‘One of all your faves.’
‘Make it two please?’
‘We agreed on one.’ I said still pouting.
‘Make it two.’ She cried.
‘But that’s too much.’ I objected. She burst into tears.

‘Kyla what is it?’ I heard the voice I was dying to hear asked worriedly.
‘Kara won’t buy me two of everything,’ she cried. I rolled my eyes. ‘Kieran talk to her.’
‘Kara, be a darling and buy it okay?’
‘Okay I’ve heard.’ I said smilingly. She giggled and squealed.
‘Yay! Thank you Kieran!!!’ She shouted.
‘Hey! I’m the buyer, how come he gets the thank you.’ I whined.
‘Bye baby.’ She mocked and hung up. She so hung up on me.

‘Sir make it two of everything.’ I smiled. He nodded and after three minutes my cupcakes were ready to go.
‘You still haven’t told me your name.’ He tried his luck again.

‘My name is give me my bill before my boyfriend dumps me for lateness.’ I said churlishly. He scoffed. Sucker!