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First Kiss. Episode 1

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 1
Elena was amazed by how beautiful and big the school is, she was still admiring the beauty of the school when she accidentally step someone
“Oh my goodness!!!” The girl exclaimed “are you blind or what??”
“Am sorry I didn’t do it intentionally” Elena apologised


“Amber just calm down she already apologise” her friend said but Amber was so angry that she went close to Elena
“Hey did you know how much this shoe cost,it’s worth more than your life” Amber said


“But I already apologise you don’t have to say that” Elena said calmly
“So you’ve caused trouble right?? Sally said appearing from nowhere
“Did you know this pipsqueak??Amber asked
“Sure she’s our house help” Sally replied and Elena wasn’t surprised cos Sally has deny her in so many places calling her their househelp
“Your househelp?? Darcie asked
” I can’t believe this,your househelp has the privilege to attend the same school with you” Amber said


“You know for example if I need anything all I just need to do is to call her” Sally replied
“Oh you’re so lucky but well……your househelp stepped on my sumptuous shoe”
” Amber what exactly is your problem even though she stepped on your shoe at least she has apologise” Darcie said
“Stay out of this Darcie” Amber snapped
“Don’t worry she’s going to clean it” Sally said and glance at Elena “clean her shoe instantly”
“Am sorry I can’t”
“What the heck?? Sally said angrily and raise her hand up to slap her but someone held her hand behind
“Who the hell is that??she yelled and turned to see Leonard with his two friends with him
“Oh my gosh it’s Leo” Amber exclaimed
Sally lost it when she set her eyes on Leo,she always listen to his songs and also love watching his movie, his picture was hung here and there in her room and she had always wish to see him in person and finally her dreams come true
“Why’re you bullying her?? Leo asked with his exquisite voice
“Bullying?? Leo am not one of them, this innocent girl mistakenly step on Amber ‘s shoe and Amber fail to accept her apology” Darcie explained
“Uhm Leo am a great big fan of yours I. ….”Sally said but was cut short
” is that true???Leo asked Amber
“Sort of” Amber said
“And who’re you??? Leo ask Sally
“Am Simpson Sally the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Simpson,my mom is one of the greatest designer she……
” I don’t need your story why did you want to slap her”
“You mean this trash,she’s actually my househelp,a nobody she’s just like her mother”
Leonard looked at Elena whose eyes were getting swollen due to the tears that filled her eyes
” follow me” Leo said
“Oh I’d be glad to follow you anywhere” Sally smiled
“I wasn’t referring to you but her” he pointed at Elena
“I??” Elena asked
Leonard went with his friends and Elena followed them
Sally was so angry that she clenched her fist tightly
“That brat is looking for my trouble”
” See what you caused Amber now Leo is gonna think am a bad girl” Darcie shouted at Amber and left her sight angrily
Elena didn’t know why she was following the three boys but it seems the leader whose name was Leo must be a popular guy cos she had seen so many of his picture In Sally ‘s room
“Uhm I think you guys should go first I will meet you in class” Leo said to his friends
“If you say so” Alfred said while Derrick gave him a thumbs up
“You don’t know me, do you??? Leo ask Elena who shook her head
“Nice,first time seeing someone who doesn’t know who I am…anyway why are you not in your school uniform”
“Uhh…ehr….I don’t have” Elena said still not knowing if that was a better lie
“You don’t have?? Okay follow me” he said and he took her to the school shop
“Pick the one you want” he said but Elena declined
“I can’t I prefer wearing this”
“If the school authority see you wearing this,you’ll be asked to pay a fine”
Elena thought for some minute and decided to pick one of the uniforms but suddenly she screamed
What is it? ? Leo asked
“The uniform cost $5000, I don’t have that amount”
Leo chuckled ” and who said you’re buying it with your money” he said
” then who’s buying it??
Leo move closer to her and slowly remove some dirt on her face,Elena glance at Leo and he’s already looking at her straight in the eyes
“Err….” Elena said which makes Leo come back to his senses
Elena was using the map in her hand to locate her class but kept thinking of what Leonard said to her earlier
“Why’re you putting on a sad face” Leonard asked
“Sad face??I don’t understand ” Elena said
“Are you really that girl’s househelp??
“You mean Sally??
“Mmmm” Leo nodded
“Pls I have to go to class now am late,thanks for the uniform I really appreciate” Elena said and was about to go when Leo held her by her wrist
“A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t put on a sad face cos it doesn’t suit you, no matter how hard life may be, just believe everything is gonna end well and if you need anything you can always count on me” he said and walk out
Elena was still thinking about those words that she didn’t notice some sign post behind the stairs which says “CAUTION w€t FLOOR”
She descend on the stair and was about to tripped when someone held her by her waist preventing her from falling
Her eyes was shut and by the time she open it,she was really startled she thought she was going to fall
“Hey watch where you’re going” Xavier said letting go of her waist
“Thank you” Elena said as she tuck her hair behind her ear
Xavier felt some pain in his head which makes him groan as he touch his head
“Are you all right ?? Elena asked while she move close to him
Xavier looked at her and he knew instantly that she’s the girl whom he has been looking for
“Am all right” he said and descend down the stairs
Elena saw a pendant on the floor which she believes must be his
“Hey you……”she spun around and was surprised not to him
“Woah where did he go??Elena said and picked the pendant up
Elena finally locate her class and the moment she enter,all eyes were averted on her,there was no teacher in the class and she was a little bit timorous
“Hello my name is Simpson Elena ” she introduced herself
“Welcome to pleaxy high school Elena ” someone said
“Thanks ” she said and then suddenly a girl barged into the class
“Hey guys guess what??the girl said
“What is it again this time??
“We have a new CC(cute charming) in our school”
” that’s impossible the only CC we have is Leonard and no one else” a girl snapped at her
” trust me his name is Xavier all the senior girls are already dying to have him,he’s so cute with his lovely black hair oh my gosh I don’t think I can get my mind off him” the girl said and all the girls including the boys ran outside to know whom this Xavier was… excluding one girl in the class who was at the back reading a novel
Elena went to her
“Hi pls can I sit next next to you? She asked politely
“Sure” the girl said ” you’re new right??
“My name is Hailey”
” Nice to meet you Hailey my name is Elena”
“What a nice name?
“Yours isn’t bad either ” Elena said “Pls have you guys done anything this morning??
“Yep…mathematics and history”
“Oh I guess am a little bit late”
“But right one it’s self study class”
“Can I have your math note book??
“Sure” Hailey said and hand over her note to her
Leo was looking outside thinking about lots of things
” Hey guy wassup” Alfred said
“Nothing just thinking about some stuff” he replied and sighted Elena smiling with a girl which also make him smile
Derrick looked through the window and make a “wooow” sound
“Is this the Leo I use to know? ? But anyway there’s this new guy in school and all the girls are crazy about him but to me he’s suspicious”
” Hey what says the time?? He asked ignoring Derrick,he has also seen Xavier and the guy look familiar and also suspicious
” 12:15pm” Alfred said
“Okay I have something important to do ” he said and went outside
Elena and Hailey were both discussing when Sally come from nowhere and blocked their way beside the school pool
“Pls how may we be of help?? Hailey asked
“Hailey she’s my sister ” Elena said not knowing why she said the word sister
“Sister?? Sally said and was surprised to see her wearing a new school uniform ” where did you get that?? She yelled at her
“Get what?? Elena asked
“Stop asking me silly question before i push you inside that pool am talking about the uniform”
Elena kept mute and didn’t know what to say
“I bought it for her” Leonard said while he move close to the girls
“Oh it’s Leo ” Hailey gasped
“You did?? You shouldn’t have,she’s just a….
“Enough” Leo said cutting her short “you can go back to your class”
Sally look at Elena devilishly “wait till we get home” she whisper in her ears and walk away
On the other hand, Xavier was looking at them from afar but was hearing everything they are discussing
“Sally wait” Elena said but Sally angrily pushed her into the pool
Elena couldn’t swim and Leo sense that and jump into the pool
Xavier ran with full speed and also jumped into the pool
Everyone in school brought out their phone and some were just watching
Xavier was the first to grab Elena and he carry her out of the pool
“Is she breathing? ? Hailey asked
“I don’t think so” Leo said and wanted to give her CPR (mouth-to-mouth)
” no you can’t” Xavier said afraid Elena is going to have her first kiss through a CPR
“Why?? Leo asked
“You just can’t” Xavier said
Leo ignore him as he use his hand to move his w€t blond hair backward and was ready to give Elena a CPR
To be continued. ……..
What did you think will happen??
Will Elena have her first kiss through the CPR? ?

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