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First Kiss. Chapter 17

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First Kiss.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 17

Elena was preparing to go to the laboratory for a practical class when she perceived two people behind her.

She turned and peeked at them.

“Good afternoon!” Her voice was soft as always.

“Good afternoon, Elena.” Bob greeted and extended his hand for a shake

Elena took his hand slowly and disengageged.

“Well, don’t be nervous, it’s a good news, I’m the manager of the Wr-ld record label and I’m glad to tell you that you have been picked to feature in Leonard’s new release. ” Bob said and watched her reaction closely.

When he saw that it was cool, he continued; “You will need to follow us to Miami where the video shoot will take place.”

Elena’s mouth dropped in shock, she wasn’t expecting it and she felt honoured and happy.

But then, she remembered her step mother, she must inform her step mother if she will be away for a week, her only concern is if her step mother would allow her go.

Bob who had been carefully studying the reactions of Elena saw that she seems worried about something

“How do you see the offer?” Bob asked.

“I love it and I would like to go, but…I have to inform my step mom.” She said.

“Okay, please do and get back to me tomorrow.” Bob said and was about to turn to leave when Elena spoke up.

“How will I get back to you?” She asked.

“I’ll be here, same time tomorrow.” Bob said with a smile.

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After Elena had nodded, he walked away.

Elena sat back to her seat, she was the only one in the class, others had gone to the laboratory including Hailey.

She should be happy but she doesn’t know what her step mother would say her.

After thinking for a while, she raised her head and decided to join others in the laboratory.

Sally approached her alongside two tall and muscular girls, the two girls are known as bullies and they are paid by the rich students in school to bully the low or middle class students.

Elena sighted them and her heart beats faster.

“You b**ch!” Sally said and pulled the hair of Elena. She pulled it hard that Elena screamed in pain.

“Deal with her.” Sally commanded those two girls and they approached Elena and started to beat her.

After series of beating, Elena became weak. They realized that and left her.

“Don’t f**k with me.” Sally warned and walked away with the two girls

Xavier who had been watching them from afar decided not to help Elena this time,