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First Kiss. Episode 11

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Written By Park Theresa
Episode 11
When Elena got home, she was expecting the worst from her step mother cos she didn’t sleep home yester night and also Sally must have reported to her how she slapped her in school today

She let out sigh before entering the house and she met her step mother sitting on the couch while she’s peeling the back of apple
“Am home” she said softly and to her surprise her step mom stood up and smile at her
“Oh my sweetheart you’re home” she said as she hug her
Elena was perplexed “why is her step mother acting this way all of a sudden?”
“Mom what is going on here? ? Why are you hugging Elena?? Sally said angrily
“Am hugging her cos she’s also my daughter”
Sally couldn’t believe her ears “mom she didn’t sleep home yesterday and worst of all She dare raise her filthy hand to slapped me at school today”
“And there must be a reason why she slapped you” Mrs Simpson said
“Unbelievable mom are you all right…I hope you’re in your right senses” Sally said and her mom slapped her
“Does that answer your question?? Never talk to me in that manner” Mrs Simpson yelled
Elena was shocked cos her step mom hasn’t lay her hands on Sally before talkless of slapping her
“I can’t believe this” Sally said and went inside
“Oh my sweetheart go upstairs and get yourself a good shower while I prepare your food” Mrs Simpson said and Elena slowly went upstairs but still couldn’t believe what just happened
“I can’t just trust her like that she must be up to something” Elena said


After some minutes, she went to Sally room as usual to pick up her dirty clothes to wash them but as she was going outside, her step mom stop her
“Where are you going??
“To wash”
“And whose cloth is that??
“Ma it’s Sally ‘s cloth, you said I should always wash them everyday”
“Sally Sally!!!!” Mrs Simpson called
“Yessssss am not deaf” sally answered rudely
“Why can’t you wash your cloth yourself?? Is Elena your maid or what? ?
“But mom that’s what you once said…you said Elena is just a ruthless wimp and nothing else”
“Okay get this to your head, this will be the last time you call her that, admit her as your elder sister even though she’s a month older than you and also this should be the last time you send her on her errand…now take your clothes from her and wash it yourself”
“Mooom” sally called

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“Ma I can wash it” Elena said
“Elena my dear…call me mom and stop that Ma, also your food is on the table I prepare it specially for you”
Sally couldn’t held back her anger as she hissed loudly and went to her room
Mrs Simpson asked Elena to sit down while she served her some ramen
“Eat to your satisfaction dear” she said and left her
Elena looked at the food and wonder why her step mom is treating her nicely
” what if she’s up to something evil” she thought
She looked at the food and decided to pour it away thinking it might be poisoned
The next day at school, Elena kept thinking of her step mom nice attitude towards her and was also nervous about what happen in school yesterday, she watch the news and so many says the junior student was facing a hard times in her house and was always trying to kill herself and maybe she later did
“People think she commit suicide by killing herself but how come Alfred has the picture of her killing the girl??
“Thinking of someone??” Xavier appear to her from no where
“Xavier?? Elena smiled
“Why are you smiling?? Anyway I need a favour from you”
“A favour,? Sure I will do anything
“I only ask three favour from humans and this is the first am asking you”
“What is it??

Xavier took her to am empty dorm in school
” why are we here,,?? Elena asked
” you see that girl over there” Xavier said while he points at camila who was listening to music with her ear phone
“Yes what about her??
” did you know what this is?? Xavier asked while showing her a dagger
Elena was shocked ” it looks like an ancient dagger”
“You’re right now take this” Xavier hand the dagger to her but Elena didn’t collect it
“What did you want me to do with the dagger??
“I want you to stab that girl with this dagger” Xavier said and Elena gasped
“You want me to what…?”
“It’s simple just stab her and trust me nothing is going to happen” Xavier said but Elena disagree
“It’s that’s the way you want it” Xavier said and his eyes change together with that of Elena
(He is controlling her)
Elena collected the dagger from him and went straight to camila and stab her
There was lightening everywhere and it started raining, Elena fell down instantly and camila scream out loudly
On the other hand, Leo cover his ears, he was in the music class alone and the moment she hear a girl scream, it sounds like a tiny angry bird crying and it makes his body tremble in fear
Camila open her eyes and see Xavier looking at her and Elena lying down on the floor
“What happened?? Camila asked
“No time to waste….can you pls erase a guy name Alfred memory??
“I already told you I lost my power and. …” she stopped as she heard some chattering outside but it felt as if the people chattering are next to her
“Gosh…don’t tell me you…..
“Camila your power is back already and you quickly have to erase that guy’s memory…I believe you know the guy name Alfred ”
“Yes but why did you want me to erase his memory”
Xavier close his eyes and reopen it
“He’s on his way to meet his friends and he’s going there to reveal a huge secret so pls be fast”
“Just erase his memory of two days ago…you can do that right”
“And also if you have the opportunity you can also take the memory card in his phone”
“His memory card??
“Plsss? ?
“Hey” Camila called Alfred who was on his way to music class
“Uhm my name is camila and you” she said and brought out her hand forward
“Alfred” he held her hand and he couldn’t feel anything
“Can I have your phone? ? She asked and Alfred gave it to her
Instead of removing his memory card, she flash it instead
” tu eres naeh” camila said and release his hand
“Oh gosh what happen??
“Nothing” Camila smile to herself; she’s happy that her power is finally back
Alfred went to the Vip music class and met Derrick and Leo talking
“Hey guys” Alfred said
“What took you so long?? You kept us waiting and by the way Leonard was just telling me some weird talks”
“Weird what….”
“You guys should forget about it, maybe am just imagining things” Leonard said
“He said during the lightening that he heard a female voice screaming loudly and he felt somehow”
“Hmmm I see ” Alfred said
“I said you guys should just forget about it and by the way Alfred you said you wanna tell me something about Elena”
Alfred gave him a strange look
“Elena?? Who’s Elena?? Is she some kind of cute?? Alfred winks
“C’mon you said Elena isn’t what I think she is and you were about showing me a picture on your phone when Derrick came to tell us about the junior student who committed suicide
“A junior student committed suicide?? Alfred asked looking shocked
“Now I can see you aren’t in your right sense” Leonard said and continue playing the keyboard
“I did it” camila said to Xavier
“Now also do that for this girl” Xavier pointed at Elena who was still lying helplessly on the floor
“Who is she??
“Oh the key that will take you back to your planet but why did you want to erase her memory”
“Am doing this because of Nala”
“Who’s Nala,?
“Someone am staying with which I believe she’s turning her back against me”
“I think she’s working for jensen and I just want you to erase Elena memory of me and that is two days ago, I know the reason why am doing this and also I don’t want this innocent girl (Elena) to die because of me
“Wait a minute…i thought she should be the one sacrificing her life for you but the way am seeing it….it sound as if you’re the one risking your life”
“I prefer that……i wont let her get her first kiss from me leading to her death I prefer turning into ash when the time come and also I made a promise to myself”
“That what??
Xavier looked at Elena who was still unconscious
“I promise myself to always protect her and put a smile on her face till my time comes and also make sure the person who set the club on fire some years ago leading to her mom’s death pay for what she did and face justice” Xavier said
Woooow……so Xavier really care for Elena