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First Kiss. Episode 2

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 2
“I said no you can’t ” Xavier said and Leo looked at him
“Why??” He asked
Leo ignore him and was about giving her a CPR but Xavier pushed him off, Leo stood up and was so furious
“Who the hell are you and why….” he couldn’t finish his statement cos Elena started coughing
Hailey went to her and helped her
“Are you okay??she asked
Sally gave her a disgusting look, she didn’t even care about what just happened,she hissed loudly and walk away
Elena manage to stand up and she see Xavier and Leo standing together with their clothes all w€t
“Follow me, we have to change your clothes” Hailey said and Elena followed her,she turned again to look at Xavier and Leo and she wonder who might have save her
Leo bodyguards together with his friends arrived at the scene and also most of the girls ran to him asking if he’s okay
Leo looked at Xavier and went close to him
“It’s not over yet” he said and was escorted out of the place
Hailey help Elena change into a new school uniform
“Thanks Hailey” Elena said while she dry her w€t hair with a towel
“You’re welcome”
“Uhm by the way pls who save me from drowning” Elena asked
“Well….actually Leo was the first to jump into the pool but in the twinkling of an eye the new guy came from nowhere and also jumped in,he was the one who grab you first but you are a lucky girl to almost get kissed by Leo through a CPR ”
“Kiss??? Elena touch her lips “but he was just trying to help
Hailey burst out laughing “one thing special that is universal In this school is gossip, take a look at this just what happened earlier has been posted everywhere on the school group chat, Facebook, Twitter, and so on and believe me it is going to be the talk of the town” Hailey said while she hand over her phone to her
Elena looked at the picture and was shocked, it was the picture when Leo was about giving her a CPR and the headlines says
A new transfer student almost get
kissed by the one and only Hudson
“What!!?? Elena exclaimed
“Also you’re going to be the talk of the day in school but all you have to is ignore them and turn deaf ears to their rants” Hailey said
“I can’t believe this just my first day in school and……..oh gosh”
“Just relax and by the way I thought you said that girl was your sister; she’s too mean”
Elena didn’t say anything
“Okay you don’t have to say anything, I will be right back, I need to wash this at the school washing machine store” Hailey said and picked the w€t uniform and went out
Elena looked at herself in the mirror and sigh,she stepped outside and was surprise to see Leo resting his back on the wall with his hand tuck in his pocket, he has change his cloth already
Lei sighted Elena coming out from the girl’s restroom so he went to her
” hey are you all right?” He asked
“Yes am fine thank you” Elena replied and her met some stain on his finger ” hey you’re bleeding” she said with a concern look on her face
“Oh this?? It’s nothing” Leo said while trying to hide it but Elena pull his hand forward and start blowing it, she tuck her hair behind her ear but it kept falling off
Leo was looking at her with the way she’s blowing his finger and he slowly help her to tuck her hair behind her ear
Elena felt his hand on her hair and she raise her head up to look at him but he was already looking at her
” err….”she brought out her white handkerchief and gently wrap it around his hand “this will stop it from bleeding I think but you have to get it treated” Elena said and Leo didn’t say anything but instead continue looking at her
” Elena!!!!” Hailey called “it’s lunch time”
“Okay am coming” Elena said and turn back to Leo ” bye make sure you get it treated” she said and went to Hailey
Leo looked at the white handkerchief, ELENA was boldly written at the edge of the handkerchief, he squeeze it tightly and smile to himself
“I don’t understand, you want us to eat at the public school cafeteria ” Alfred blurted out
“Yes my dad own this school and everyone is equal so why can’t I eat any where I want” Leo said
” but you haven’t eat there before and if you think am gonna eat there then you’re wrong count me out” Alfred said
” what about you Derrick?? Leo asked
“Hmm Alfred don’t you get this??
” what??
“First the look on Leo face when he first set his eyes on that new girl, he even try to give her a CPR which has been spread out all over the Internet all covered now he wanted to eat at the public school cafeteria” Derrick said and Alfred gave a “woooow” sound
” I think I can now understand” Alfred said
“Understand what?? You guys shouldn’t think otherwise and if you are not eating then am off” he said and left them
The public school cafeteria was filled with so many people and all eyes was on Elena who was feeling timorous with the way they are looking at her
” just avert your eyes and ignore them” Hailey told her then suddenly all the student started screaming and Elena turned to see Leo and his friends in the cafeteria
“Oh goodness what is Leo doing here??he should be eating in the VIP cafeteria not here” Hailey said and was surprised to see them coming towards them “he’s coming here”
Elena averted her eyes and pretend to be eating her food not until she heard his voice
“May we join you guys??” He asked
” sure you can yessssss” Hailey said and they sat down in front of them but Elena was feeling uncomfortable with the way the students are looking at their direction taking pictures
“I thought you said Leo is coming here to eat” Sally ask Amber
“Of course this is where he usually eats” Amber replied
All the girls on the VIP cafeteria refuse to eat they’re all waiting for Leo
“Unbelievable!!!” A girl shouted “Leo is eating at the public school cafeteria”. Everyone brought out their phone and check the picture posted on the school group chat
“He’s together with your so called house help” Amber said angrily while showing her the picture on her phone
“That bitch” Sally said and stump out
“Aren’t you hungry?? Leo ask Elena who was using the cutlery to play with her food
“Ohh I actually lost my appetite” Elena lied
“Really?? Or you lost your appetite because of the three handsome boys sitting with us” Hailey said and Elena was a little bit embarrassed
“No its just. ….
“Elena” someone shouted her name which caught everyone attention in the cafeteria, it was Sally, she walk angrily to Elena
“You this bitch so you decided to be like your mother a prostitute who lure men around” Sally said and Elena stood up
“My mom was never a prostitute” Elena replied
” oh give me another word I can use perhaps a slur, hey everyone you wanna hear some story this girl mother was an expert in prostitution, she always sleep with different kind of men; she’s well known for her s£xy dress,s£xy dance in club but unfortunately she die in her promiscuous act” Sally jeered and everyone start to murmur
” My mom was never a prostitute” Elena said in tears and ran outside
Leo stood up ” I will make sure you’re either expel or suspended from this school” he whispered to Sally ‘s ear and ran after Elena
He didn’t see her anywhere ” where did she go??? He muttered to himself
Elena ran to the top of the school and burst out crying
“Mom where are you?? Dad you promise to stay with me but you left me alone in this cruel world” she cried bitterly
” cry louder louder” someone said and Elena turned to see Xavier sitting on the school wall,he jumped down and went to Elena,he was wearing a white sweater and a white crazy Jean
“Are you teasing me,? Elena asked
“No am not teasing you but am encouraging you to cry louder”
“If you have nothing to say then just go away” Elena said angrily
“Yes I have nothing to say but she actually know how to target your weakness sh make you believe you’re a pipsqueak which you also stick to, you’re just allowing your weakness to take over but all you have to do is to stop shedding a pipsqueak tears and show them what you’ve got by being who you’re but not what you’re” Xavier said
With the words he said Elena felt somehow and smile to herself ” being who I am and not what I am” she said
Xavier smile and stood up and was about going
“Hey” Elena called and he look back
“Thanks for the word and also thanks for saving me twice today” Elena said but Xavier only smile at her
“By the way you dropped this” Elena said while showing him his pendant”
” Thanks” Xavier collected it from her and left the place
“I think I just know what to do” she said to her self
To be continued…..

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 3
When Leo got home,he met his dad talking to aunty Claire, his mother elder sister but he just ignore them and was about going upstairs when his dad voice stopped him
” Leo, can’t you greet?? Don’t you see me or even though you don’t want to greet me. What about your aunty?? His dad shouted at him and Lyla, Leo sister who was 14 years ran downstairs and quickly hug Leo
“You’re back” she said while smiling
Leo caress her hair “yes I am” he smile back at her ” dad point of correction,she’s not my aunty a muderer can never be my aunty” Leo said to his father
Mr Hudson angrily stood up and ask the maids to excuse them, he went to Leo and slapped him
“Dad stop it” Lyla shouted
Leo looked at his dad and smirked “this Is not the first time you’re slapping me because of her but that does not make me stop calling her a muderer” he said and went to his room
He use his card to unlock his room and went inside angrily
” I don’t know why she’s here again” he muttered
Lyla enter his room and crossed her arms
“Leo I don’t really understand you,why did you keep accusing aunty Claire of killing mom,she’s a nice aunt an understanding now she’s feeling hurt with what you just say” Lyla said


“How was school today?
“Don’t change the topic leo”
“Lyla plss leave that aside I promise that you will all get to know the truth later so how was school today”
“Yea it was fine and you have at least 29 letters my classmate ask me to give you”
“Your class mate aren’t my type”
“Then probably that girl you save at the pool is your type of girl” Lyla said and Leo arched his brow
“I just don’t know why people loves prying into someone’s live” he said
“See you later and less I forget Mr frank called, he said you have an audition at the square hall and also Mrs Ashley called,she said you have some shoots to make for the commercial Uhm. ….. also you were ask to perform at one of the minister daughter birthday and also ………”
“Urrrh….” Leo groaned
“You’re a celebrity so see you later” Lyla smile and went out
Leo change his cloth and then there was a call,he picked it up
“Hello sir your food is ready”
“Bring it up stair “he said and end the call
He smiled to himself when he see Elena handkerchief
“What is wrong with me? Why am I acting this way? He asked himself and there was a knock on the door

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He use the remote to open the door and the maid enter,she dropped his food on the desk and was about to go when Leo call her back
“Who cook this food?? He asked
“Aunty Claire,she said she want to prepare the food today” the maid said
“She is the one who cook this food” Leo said and the maid nodded
Leo pick the food and went downstairs,aunty Claire was still there talking to his dad,he pour the food in front of her and all the maid gasp
“Leo are you nut?? His father shouted
“I can’t eat a food cooked by someone who is a muderer and you” he face aunty Claire “don’t think you can poison and kill me how you kill my mom”
“Leo why are you accusing me of killing my own sister I know you hate me but isn’t that enough than you accusing me of killing your mom,my blood sister”
Leo ignore her and went to the gym escorted by his guards
Elena was on her way home she was walking down the woods, she kept thinking about all what happened in school today
” I just have to be myself yes that’s it” she said and a shadow cast down in front of her she looked up and see two hefty man grinning broadly at her
“Hello school girl” one of them said
“She’s really beautiful” the other one said while moving close to her
“Stay away from me” Elena said and stumbled backward
“Oh pretty girl” the first guy said and Elena was getting scared
“Pretty girl?? That’s not a good sentence” Xavier said from nowhere and Elena quickly stand up and hid behind his back
” get lost boy or else…….” the man said fiercely and brought out ancwnd gun making Elena screamed in fear
“he’s got a gun” Elena cried out
“Close yor eyes” Xavier said to Elena
“You hear that your boyfriend ask you to close your eyes so you won’t see him dying slowly”
Elena didn’t understand why Xavier ask her to close her eyes
“Trust me” Xavier said and Elena obeyed,she started hearing some sound but she dare not open her eyes
“They’re gone you can open your eyes now” Xavier said and Elena opened her eyes
“How…….” she started crying,this remind her of the day she was almost raped by her step mother Co worker but his father save her and now if not for Xavier only God know what would have happen to her
“You don’t have to cry they’re gone now” Xavier said
“You save me again” Elena said and threw her arms around his waist and hug him
Xavier was shocked but then something happen,as Elena hug him,she started choking out blood
“What the????? Elena Elena…..” he called but her eyes were closed and she wasn’t saying anything