June 29, 2022

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First Kiss. Episode 5

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 5
Xavier and Elena are both walking to school but everywhere was quiet
“Urr…Xavier …thanks for letting me stay in your house and sorry for the slap also a big thank you to your mom” Elena said
“Mom?? Xavier said and smile
“Yes she’s really a nice person, she remind me of my mom” Elena said and stopped
Xavier looked at back and also stopped
“Well let’s keep going I was just saying a motherly love,it’s good to have that ” Elena said and she was surprised when Xavier remove his blue sweater leaving his white shirt “what are you doing???

“Wear this” he said
“And why will I wear your sweater??
“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to then everyone will get to see the colour of your bra” Xavier said and Elena opened her eyes wide she turned her head and found out that the zip of her uniform has worn out
“Ohhh gosh, since when did you know? ?
“How many times did I have to tell you that I don’t like answering silly questions” Xavier said and continue going

Elena quickly wore his sweater,it really smell nicely and it look big on her
“Xavier wait up” she called and ran to him ” you’ve save me thrice but I don’t know how to repay you”
“Of course there’s a way you can repay me”
“There is??? What??”
“By 12pm come to the top building of the school with chilled ice cream” Xavier said
” chilled ice cream?? Is that all??”
“But make sure it didn’t melt” Xavier said and Elena nodded
Fast forward

After the fourth period, Elena change her school uniform and was going back to class’s when she met Sally on the way
“Well well well……so you decided to be just like your mom,you’ve started sleeping around with boys” Sally said
“It’s not what you think I was almost raped but someone save me and I was unconscious then……
“Who’s gonna believe you?? Your mom is also a great lier and I believe wherever she is in he’ll, she will still be sleeping and seducing the devil” Sally whacked
“My mom was never a prostitute” Elena shouted and slapped Sally on her left cheeks
Sally was shocked and so was Elena,she wonder where she got the courage from but she remember what Xavier said about being who you’re and not what you are
“Did you just slap me???
“Yes and I will do it again if you dare say trash about my mom” Elena said and walk away, she smile to herself and then she bumped into someone, she looked up to see Leo smiling at her dressed in his smart uniform
“Good morning” she greeted
“Morning” he greeted back “follow me” he said
Elena wonder why he always say “follow me” maybe that’s his favourite word.

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He took her to a music class, there was no student there and everywhere was quiet
” I checked through your profile and nd ic find out that you like music and your favourite instrument instruments the keyboard so instruments was thinking If you cam teach me” Leo said
Elena felt a lump in her throat
“Teach you??but your dad own this school why can’t you allow him to hire allow teacher for you??
“Of course I had some teachers but the female are only interested on my facial appearance while the male teacher only cate about money”
“But the……..
“No more but…will you teach me or not cos I will be glad if a beautiful innocent girl with a swift finger like you can teach me”
Elena was feeling nervous and after some minute she nodded
“Great so can you just give the first introduction” Leo said and smile
Elena say down in front of the keyboard and Leo sat next to her, Elena sigh and lay her finger on the finger
” uhm this key is the “do” sound and the other one at the end is also the “do” sound but the different is the pitch, let’s try it” she play the sound for him
Leo wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying but was just looking at her; Elena knew he was looking at her and that makes her timorous
After 15min
“Well I think that’s for the introduction, i have to go now” she said and was about going when Leo held her wrist, she spun around
“Can I help you with something?? She asked
“I will be glad if you can really help me with what I want”
“And that is??
“Love” Leo said and Elena was shocked
Leo release her hand “never mind” he said
“And by the way see you later at the school cafeteria” Leo said and Elena quickly went outside
“What did he mean by love?? Elena check her wrist watch and it was quarter past 12
“Why did I feel like I have an appointment with someone ? She said to herself and was on her way to class when he met Hailey
“Where have you been? Hailey asked while licking her icecream and Elena gasped
She recall what Xavier said to her .
By 12pm come to the top building of the school with chilled ice cream”
Elena quickly ran to the school ice cream store
“Which flavour”?
“Any one” Elena said not knowing which flavour he likes, she was given the ice cream and she ran to the first school dorm,she try to use the elavator but it was at fault so she decided to make use of the stairs, her concern was that the ice cream shouldn’t melt but it was already melting
Finally she got to the top building of the school and see Xavier sitting on the wall
“Isn’t he afraid of falling? Elena thought and went to him
“Hey Xavier I brought your icecream” Elena said and Xavier turned and look at the ice cream
“See for yourself it has melted” Xavier said
“It’s not easy to climb the stairs you know and the elevator is at fault”
“But i said by 12 and this is 20 minute after 12”
“Uhm about that…..i was in the library reading” Elena said
“So your new library is the music class”
Elena was surprised “how….how did you know??
“You can’t lie to me and actually am alergic to ice cream”
“What?? So my effort is just a waste” Elena yelled
“Of course not,you can go ahead and drink it yourself”
Elena was a little bit angry but has to calm down
” so in what way can I repay you back since I fail to get you an chilled icecream”
“There is another way in which you can repay me back but i don’t think you will be able to do it”
“You save me thrice so there’s nothing i can’t do to repay what you’ve done for me”
“Then……..”Xavier whispered into her ears and Elena gasped
“You want me to……….” she couldn’t say the word
Xavier nodded and smile
“Yes be my girlfriend”