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First kiss. Episode 6

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 6
“You want me to be your what??? Elena said looking surprised

“Is that too hard??

“Hey did you know what you just request for, we don’t even know each other that much and you’re asking me to be your girlfriend” Elena blurted out
” Of course we both know each other, for instance; your name is Simpson Elena,you’re 17 years , your favourite sport is skiing and you like pop music also your favourite food is…..”
“Cut it out, you even check through my school profile”
“Noo I did not,and one thing I know about you is that you don’t like smokes, you’re always scared whenever you see fire”
Elena was dumbfounded “how….how…..? Anyway we’ll get back to that later, even though you know me, I don’t know you”
“Are you denying me now,? You know my name, you know my mom, you know my house and even you know my room and lastly you know I don’t like answering silly question” Xavier said
“Woah Woah. ..knowing your house was a mistake”

“Then why can’t you say saving your ligroup is a mistake??
Elena sigh while she tuck her hair behind her ear ” being your girlfriend, did you know what that means? It means we have to be walking together holding hands together hugging and …..oh gosh am not ready for that kind of stuff”
“So that is what it means to you but should I tell you what it mean to me?? Xavier said
“It means trust,friendship,caring and protection”
Elena kept mute cos she didn’t know what to say
“Don’t worry if you don’t want to be my girlfriend then you don’t have to force yourself” Xavier said and walk away leaving Elena with a puzzled look on her face
Xavier was going to class when he met Leo and his friends on the wah but he ignore them
“Hey” Leo called and Xavier spun around
“Are you perhaps referring to me? Xavier me

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“Who else?? Leo said and move close to him ” I don’t know your mission in this school but whatever it is i assure you that it won’t work” Leo whisper in his ear
“I only have one mission and that is to find the key that will lead me back to my house” Xavier whispered back
“Now I can see that you’re not yourself”Leo said and signal to his friends to let them go
“I just want you to know that the person you’re crushing on isn’t your type so the only thing I will say is “let go of that feelings” Xavier said and walk away
Leo clenched his fist ” we shall see”
“Hey Leonard are you crushing on someone in this school that we don’t know about” Derrick asked
“C’mon you’re talking as if you don’t know Leo, the only girl in her heart is her sister Lyla and you know he doesn’t interact with girls so definitely that guy is just saying trash” Alfred said
” Elena what are you thinking about?? Hailey asked
“Uhm …nothing” Elena said trying not to think of what Xavier said
“Okay it’s lunch time but I don’t feel like going to the school cafeteria”
“Why? ??
“Nothing but will you escort me to the school garden”
“I’d love to” Elena said and they both went to the school garden
“Wow its beautiful” Elena said admiring the beautiful flowers
“Of course it is and Elena what is going on between you and Leo”
“Nothing” she shook her head
“But you were both at the school VIP music class and you were both playing the keyboard”

“How did you know??
“It’s all over the school group chat, the picture was posted like 20min ago and don’t forget CCTV camera are everywhere”
“Oh goodness…..like seriously there’s nothing going on between Leo and I, he just ask me to teach him how to play a keyboard”
Hailey arched her brow “it’s too hard to believe that”
“That’s the truth”
“Leo is the master of keyboardist in the top 5 best school in this country and he even won an award for it so why will he ask you to teach him what he’s good at??
” but why will he lie??
“Well am a little bit jealous of you” Hailey said
“Leo has never interact with any female student in school and you’re actually the first”
Elena didn’t say anything but instead admiring the flowers
Xavier was reading a book when he heard some people discussing
“Hey girl you’re mine and no one else can have you” a masculine voice said
“Dan I already told you am not interested in you can you pls just let me be” A tiny female voice cried out
” then have it the way you want it” the guy said and Xavier could hear the girl crying, he ran with full speed to the 2nd floor and lo and behold the guy name Dan was about undressing the girl
” you shouldn’t try that in school” Xavier said and Dan turn around
“Ohh The charming new guy is here, better stay out of it before……” he couldn’t finish saying the word as Xavier grab his hand and twist it to his back
“Ahhhhhhhhh.ahhhh it hurt” Dan scream in pain

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“Next time I see you threatening this girl I will make sure I break that arm of yours” Xavier said and release him
Dan looked at him and ran outside
The girl was sitting down on the floor crying, Xavier didn’t see her face cos she wasn’t looking up
“It’s okay you’re safe now” Xavier said and squatted next to her
The girl raise her head up and immediately Xavier set his eyes on her, he felt his heart beating fast, he groan in pain as he held his chest
“Are you all right?? The girl asked looking scared and worried at the same time
Xavier couldn’t see anything as his eyes were getting blur
Elena was angry that Leo lied to her and on the other hand Leo and his friends just left the public school cafeteria
“So what is the essence of going to the public school cafeteria when you’re not going to stay there long?? Alfred asked
“Since Elena isn’t there” Derrick said
Leo spotted Elena coming so he went to her
“Hi” he greeted
“Hi” Elena greeted back and was about going when Leo call her back
“Is everything okay,? Leo asked
Elena stopped and looked at him
“Your dad is the owner of this school, you are rich and you’re high class people but why did you decide to spoil my name, I am just here to study and nothing else and you decided to play a dirty game with me”
Leo was confused and didn’t quite know what she’s talking about
“If I said I understand all what you said am definitely lying”
“Oh really, why did you lie about you not knowing how to play a keyboard, that doesn’t even matter to me but now everybody thinks what Sally said is true about……about. …me being just like my mom….luring you around” Elena said angrily
Leo sigh abound tuck his hand in his pocket
” am sorry for lying to you but the main reason why I did that was because……..” he stopped
“Because of what??? Because you want to show everyone how lowly I am”
” Hell Noo……it’s because I….
Elena cried out as she felt some pain on her chest
“Are you all right?? Leo asked calling out to his friends
Elena groan loudly as she held her chest which caught everyone’s attention
Xavier was still groaning in pain and the girl couldn’t stand it anymore, she decided to call for help but as she stood up, she also felt a sharp pain,it was as if something was piercing her heart , she cried out as she held her chest and collapse
To be continued….