December 3, 2022

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First Kiss. Episode 7

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 7

Camila was destroyed 300 years ago, but was accidentally reborn by Leonard

(10 years ago)
Leo was playing with her mom on the beach when he sighted something behind the rock from a far distance
Leo : mom I will be right back
Leo’s mom: okay love but pls stay away from the river (his mom warned but Leo ignore her and ran with all his strength until he gets to the big rock, he looked around but couldn’t see anything but as he was about going he mistakenly stepped on someone and to his greatest surprise he saw a beautiful young teen girl probably 18, he try to wake her up but she didn’t flinch, he call out to his mom but his mom was really far away from him, he thought probably the girl was washed down here from the sea, but what can a eight year old boy do, he hesitate at first but then decide to help her through a CPR and that was how Camila had her first kiss
To be continued …….

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