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First Kiss. Episode 9

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 9
Leo sigh and move closer to Elena and he kept looking at her as different thought flash through his mind
“Will you be my girlfriend?? He asked and Elena was dumbfounded
Elena looked at him and nodded
Leo was surprised
” but why did you reply so fast?? He asked
“I will be your girlfriend” she said
Elena continue to look at Leo who was lost in his thought
“What is it you wanna tell me?? Elena asked and Leo came back to his senses, it was just an imagination
“Uhm I just wanted to ask if you can come to my concert” Leo lied
“Your concert??? Elena asked and Leo nodded
“Err…. I don’t think I can come, I will really be busy”
“Okay no problem maybe some other time” Leo said looking disappointed as he walk slowly walk away
“What the hell was I thinking?? Leo asked himself “probably if I ask her to be my girlfriend, she will surely turn down my offer
“Oh goodness what exactly is jensen doing on earth? Camila asked Xavier
Xavier didn’t reply but was confused because of what jensen said
“I’ll be right back” he said as he ran out with full speed
Nala was spraying some water on the plant when she felt some cool breeze behind her, she turned and see Xavier standing,the look on his face was that of anger
“What are you doing here? ? Nala asked while she continue watering the plant
“Nala it’s time you tell me the truth”
“What truth??
” what is going to happen to the girl if she get her first kiss from me??
” fine, you want the truth” Nala said while she drop the watering can
Xavier didn’t answer


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” did you think you will just go to your planet just like that?? In order for you to get back to your planet there must be sacrifice of love”
“Sacrifice of love?? You mean that innocent girl is going to die because of me”
” there’s something you don’t know which I want you to know” Nala said
“And that is??
” A girl the same as you is going to fall in love with you and will become evil because of you and will also die because of you and due to her death many terrible things will happen on earth which will cause so many loss”
Xavier didn’t quite understand the prophesy
“What the heck?? A girl the same as me? I don’t understand
“The only key you can use to stop this prophesy from coming to pass is that girl called Elena and as you know your time is running out so you have to win the girl’s heart before the girl the same as you fall in love with you” Nala said and went inside and Xavier kept thinking who the girl was


“I heard you fainted I hope you’re fully okay now” Hailey asked
“I checked on you at the school clinic few minutes ago but the school doctor said you went out without his permission”
“His?? The school doctor is a female” Elena said
“Noo the school doctor is a male, his name is Mr Frank, he has been the school doctor for over two years now”
“Noo that’s impossible, it was a female doctor and she’s scary, she tried to kill me” Elena said still recalling what happened at the school clinic
“Elena are you sure you’re fully okay??
“Hailey am fine please you have to believe me, she even use her long fingers to peirce my wrist”
“And can I see that your wrist??”
Elena sigh
“Hailey you won’t understand, my wrist was healed by…..”
“Healed?? Okay by who if I may asked?

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Xavier got back to school and couldn’t think of anything else but what Nala said to him
“Hey you’re back” Camila said
Xavier cover his face with his palm and couldn’t say anything
“Are you still thinking about what jensen said? Come on I think she just use that to threaten you” Camila said ” you know we’re both the same but the only thing is that you have your power while mine was destroyed and you still have the opportunity to go back to your planet
Xavier was shocked with what Camila said
you know we’re both the same
He recall what Nala told him


A girl the same as you is going to fall in love with you and will become evil because of you and will also die because of you and due to her death many terrible things will happen on earth which will cause so many loss


He gasped and continue looking at Camila
“Noo this can’t be” he said
“What is it?? Camila asked
“So Camila is the girl” he thought
On the other hand A girl was passing the school balcony when Elena stopped in front of her and stab her in her tummy
Alfred, Leo friend who was also passing through the balcony see this and was shocked, he brought out his phone and took the picture
“Elena is a muderer” he said and left the place quietly
Jensen smiles to herself as she change back to her real self
“You Elena of a thing you will soon rot in jail and I will make sure I kill you with my bare hand” jensen smile  wickedly as she left the poor girl lying helplessly on the floor
To be continued…