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First Kiss. Prologue

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Written by enmy
Leonard emerged from the car with his two best friends Alfred and Derrick and almost all the girls in school ran to them especially Leonard, he’s the hottest of all,he use his fingers to move his viking blonde hair backward and the girls lost it and started screaming.



Leonard was just 18 years who has won so many girls heart through his looks and appearance,he was a singer,an actor and also a model who was well known for his s£xy eyes that was orb-round and which darted constantly, everyone always commented on his vivacious looks and his nature,he was damnly rich apart from his acting and musical skills he was the heir to the empire group, his father was the owner of the richest and greatest school in Canada,he lost his mother at the age of ten and still find it too hard to get over it
On the night before,Leo was called out to the stage as the best child actor and musician of MBA Award which he took home a golden medal,he was once rumored to be dating the Minster daughter who was also a model (Jameston Charlotte ) but during one of the interview,he said openly that he’s not ready to be in a relationship for now
It was getting crowded so his bodyguards escort him and his friends safely to their V I P classroom


Elena went to the bathroom to freshen up,she can’t wait for her first day in pleaxy high school, when she came out,she was startled to see her new school uniform torn into threads
“This is just the beginning or let me say the beginning of your calamity” someone said and Elena turned to see Sally standing at the door
“Why will you do such a thing?? Elena said trying to fight back the tears that was beginning to filled her eyes
“Why will you do such a thing??Sally mimicked her “how about you don’t go to that school cos it’s not meant for low class like you? Sally said but Elena didn’t say anything,she kept looking at her shattered cloth
“What is going on here??? Mrs Simpson asked
“Morning mom, see what Sally did to my new school uniform” Elena said in tears and Mrs Simpson angrily slapped her
“How many times have I warned you never to call me your mom?did I look like your shameless dead mother” Mrs Simpson snapped at her and Elena held her cheeks and burst out crying
“Mom I don’t really understand why you should allow this trash to attend pleaxy high school together with me??Sally complained
“Don’t forget she was given a scholarship,if I don’t allow her then probably there might be a problem,you should know the rules of this country but better still,just have it in mind that she’s a nobody “Mrs Simpson said which makes Sally smiled devilishly at Elena
“Before you go to school make sure you mop the entire house ” Mrs Simpson said
“But ma I have done all the house chores ”
“And if I may ask, what did you do this morning??
“I swept the floor,I mop the each rooms in the house, I fed the chickens, I cook the food,I fill all the bucket with water,I went to the woods to get some flowers which you always request for,I cleared the kitchen, I wash the dishes,I wash all your clothes and that of Sally and also wash the five toilets in the house,I……..
“Shut up” Mrs Simpson cut her short “those are mere works so mop the floor again and rewash all those cloth” she said and went out
“I guess that should be enough for you Miss Elena?? Am afraid you won’t be able to make it to school today ” Sally sneer at her and follow her mom
Elena started crying bitterly, life has been so hard since her mother died and her dad who promise to stay by her side also die two years ago,there’s no one she can rely upon,her step mom and her daughter are always cruel and harsh to her
She checked the time,it was just 7am,she assure herself that she’s going to school even though her cloth has been torn into threads she decided to wear another cloth but first she have to do what her step mom ask her to do
Xavier ignore Nala as he playfully swirled the chair
“C’mon Xavier you have to attend this school remember you just have four month for you to live in earth”
Xavier is an Alien who has been wandering around the earth for 150 years,he met Nala when she was just twenty four but now she’s fifty three and she’s already getting old but Xavier still look young with his soft dark hair, sea rover blue eyes and bristly eyebrows,his eyes were always sparkling with mirth and also with his stellar smile even though he has a devil-may-care outlook he’s so damn cute
Nala fell in love with him at first sight but when she discover his true identity she gave up the love she has for him and see him as a friend,she became a monk when she was thirty two and decided to be of help to Xavier
“Nala you talk too much and by the way how sure are you that this mysterious girl is going to attend that school” Xavier asked
“Xavier I strongly believe that the girl who’s going to lead you back to your planet is somewhere close you just have to look for her so I thought maybe if you start attending that school your instinct is going to tell you if the girl is there or not”
“Okay so how are we going to arrange this? ?
“Don’t worry have done all the necessary arrangements all you have to do now is pack your bag and go to that school,I register your name already”
“Oh Nala why will you do that not asking me first but anyway I have something to ask you” Xavier said
“Sure go ahead”
“We both know that true love FIRST KISS is the only key that can take me back to my planet so what if I kiss the wrong girl??
“That’s impossible your instinct is going to tell you the right girl cos the girl must be an innocent girl who hasn’t had her first kiss and her first kiss must be for you ”
“But how will I get her to kiss me in the process of true love???
“You just have to play with her feelings and let her deeply fall in love with you and when it’s time you make her kiss you then you’ll have the opportunity to go back to your planet but you must not fall in love with her ” Nala warned
“Because it’s dangerous highly dangerous,you’re an Alien and she’s a human,Alien and human are different pls don’t fall in love with her cos you will have to face the consequences and pls no more question” Nala bellowed
“One more question ” Xavier said and Nala sigh
“If this girl eventually have her first kiss from me I will be able to go back to my planet but what is going to happen to that girl??
“I don’t know” Nala said sharply and Xavier looked at her suspiciously
“Okay am off to pleaxy high school to look for this girl” Xavier said and ran out with full speed

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