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My Virgin Husband. Chapter 105

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 105

Rose’s POV

I sat beside Ethan at the hospital, he was conscious but the part of his body that was shot was still bandaged.

“Sorry, I made this happen to you, Ethan.” I said.

“How did you escape from him?” He asked.

“Jack helped me, Brandon is now armless and can not talk, Jack made him that way.” I said.

“He should have killed him.” Ethan spilled bitterly.

“I know you are angry but there is nothing Bradon would do with the way. Someone with two hands that can not even speak, even Sonia will reject him.” I said and he was quiet.

“After I get better, I do not want to have any issues of Brandon again, I hope he will stay away for good?” Ethan asked.

“He’s useless now, trust me.” I said and Ethan nodded.

Three days later –

Ethan was now getting better and had being discharged home.

We were both sitting in the living room and then he asked; “Have you visited your friend?”

“Sonia? I’ll do that today.” I answered.

“Okay do, let me know if Brandon is really useless has you had said or he may be up to something so I can kill him once and for all.” Ethan said and I stood.

“Let me go now.” I said and Ethan agreed.

I drove to Sonia’s place.

I entered and saw her sleeping on the tiled floor.

“Sonia, what’s the matter?” I asked as I rushed to her.

She raised her head to me and it was all labelled with dried tears.

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She must have cried her days out.

“Brandon came home today and he wass now armless, he could not speak too and his struglling badly from the shot of a gun.” Sonia said

“Okay….and where is he?” I questioned.

“He had been arrested, some of his boys went on an illegal operation, he didn’t even send them, they were caught and they confessed that Brandon sends them.” Sonia said

“Is he going to jail?” I asked.

“He will be sentenced to court tomorrow, the punishment is actually a life time imprisonment, I do not know if the judge will be merciful?”Sonia replied

I was happy that even as disabled as Brandon was, he would still spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.

I was pleased and can not wait to tell it to Ethan.

” And you, Sonia. Thanks for betraying me for the second time, please stay away from me and my husband. I wish you the best in life!” I walked out.