December 4, 2022

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She Belongs To The Kitchen. Episode 14

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Stephen got to the hospital and went straight to where his wife was. He saw her sitting on the bed looking worried. He went closer to her and playfully covered her eyes.

Betty: no need for that honey. I know its you

Stephen: Oh Betty, when will you ever learn to be romantic. instead of you to pretend that you didn’t know you chose to spoil the fun. Its not fair ooh! So how are you doing?

Betty: I’m good and you?

Stephen: I doubt that cos your face looked worried. tell me what is it?

Betty: Alright my mood detective machine. its about Debbie.

Stephen: What about her dear

Betty: She is pregnant

Stephen: wow that’s a great news but why will you worry about that? you should be happy not sad.

Betty: yes I am but

Stephen: But what dear. **Betty told him everything that happened.

Stephen: No dear, Vick I know is a very responsible man. I believe there is more to what she saw. She just misunderstood everything. You should talk to her as a friend dear so that she won’t do what she will regret.

Betty: Alright honey, I have heard you. I will talk to her again. So how are my lovely angels.

Stephen: They are all fine. Just missing you

Betty: really? I am missing them more.

Stephen: If so, then drop the act and come home with me.

Betty: I don’t get you dear

Stephen: I know you are just faking your sickness.

Betty: jeez how did you know.

Stephen: I over heard you talking to Debbie about it but I decided to play along and show you that there is no big deal in doing house chores cos I thought you were just trying to run away from your responsibilities but unfortunately for me, you ended up proving me wrong.. I’m really sorry dear for the way I had been treating you. I was never grateful to all you do rather I made you do more work. I thought I was doing the right thing and was so blind to see that I was wrong. please forgive me sweety.

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Betty: I’m really dumb founded. I don’t know what to say to you. but am happy you understand now.

Stephen: yes I now do and I promise to change. I and the kids will be helping you in the little way we can and I will never complain again.

Betty: Alright stop apologizing. I hold no grudge against you. all I wanted is for you to understand me and thank God everything is fine now.

Stephen: I love you mi corazon (my heart) I really do.

Betty: I love you more sweety. please I need a favour from you.

Stephen: What is it dear?

Betty: I want you to drop me at Betty’s house . I have something important to do there please.

Stephen: Alright ma’m . your wish is my command. *he said and they started laughing.**


Debbie got home and met Vick in the parlour probably waiting for her but she cared less. she went straight to the guest room where she intend to spend the night. She was removing her shoes when Vick entered and sat beside her.

Debbie: What are you doing here?

Vick: Honey please I’m so sorry for what happened but believe me, its not what you think . You are getting it all wrong. I didn’t try to rape your sister. I would never think of such please.

Debbie: Vick I’m really not in the mood for this your unwanted explanation please save it for another day cos am not ready to listen to it.

Vick: You really don’t trust me do you? You and I have been married for years but it seems you never knew what I can or cannot do. Do you know how much it hurts to know that you see me as a rapist? Oh God, this is really too much! your sister has been the one trying to seduce me for a while now.

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Debbie: Oh now she has been the one trying to seduce you?

Vick: yes. believe me dear

Debbie: Then why didn’t you tell me?

Vick: Because you were never available. its the hospital here and there. you never had my time nor sit to talk like couple we are. you are always busy Debbie!

Debbie: oh now its my fault right? its my fault that you tried to rape my sister!

Vick: Oh stop it Debbie! I didn’t do any anything. in fact I’m very tired of you accusing me of what I didn’t do. Think whatever you like for all I care.. *he thundered and stormed out of the room surprising Debbie

Oh God please help me *Debbie cried**

Vick heard the door bell rang and went to check who it was. When he opened it, he saw Betty standing at the door.

Betty: hi

Vick: Hello come in

Betty: Thank you. I want to have a word with you

Vick: Alright, I’m all ears.

Betty: Did you do it?

Vick: of cos not, I didn’t or you don’t believe me either.

Betty: No dear, I believe you. where is blessing?

Vick: She must be inside her room.

Betty: Alright I will be back. **she went straight to Blessing’s room and knock before entering

Betty: Hello Blessing

Blessing: Good evening aunty Betty . How may I help you. *She asked pretending not to know the reason for the August visit.**

Betty: You already know why am here

Blessing: Yes I do so please go straight to the point.

Betty: Why did you chose to betray your sister like that Blessing. What did she ever do to you to deserve that?

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Blessing: What are you saying? don’t forget I am the victim here .

Betty: You and I know you are lying so stop deceiving yourself

You see dear. What you are doing is very wrong. am very sure you have been trying to seduce him and as if that wasn’t enough, when you were caught, you accused him of trying to rape you because you know your sister would believe you. She love you dear, she provides for all your needs, makes sure you lacked nothing but what did she get in return? Betrayal, backstabbing. Oh Blessing why did you chose to destroy your sister’s home by creating problems between her and her husband.

Listen to me dear, What ever a man sow so shall he reap and dont do to others what you will not like them to do to you. Your sister’s marriage is in your hands now. Its only you that can save her marriage by telling her the truth .

Blessing: But aunty….

Betty: No Blessing, don’t say anything, just sleep over it . And another thing you should know is that she is pregnant.

Blessing: Wow are you serious

Betty: Yes I am so for the sake of the child dont separate him/her from its father with your lies. so do the right thing dear. **She told her and left on getting to the door she turned and said… “Remember that Karma still exist. it might not caught up with you today or tomorrow but definitely it will, someday so sweety, correct your mistakes now that you still can to avoid its great consequences . good night and do have a sound sleep. She left, closing the door behind her.