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I Sold My V. Episode 42

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( His royal Excellency)


Forty- two

I never liked the beach. Sand gets in your shoes and the water makes the sand stick to you. Water isn’t the reason why I hate the beach though, it’s the sand. Yet here I am, sitting in the sand watching the sunset.


Joshua’s sitting next to me. Not as close as I’d like him to be. Probably a foot away.

“I don’t like the beach” I admitted to him.

He took a while to answer and when he did it was a laugh. “Then why did you want to come to the beach?”

I shrugged. “I haven’t been completely honest with you”

He quickly turned his head to look at me. “What?”

“I met my father when I was ten. On the beach” he stayed quiet so I kept talking. “He just walked up and introduced himself”

“It probably wasn’t him, what did your mother say?”
“I wasn’t with my mother then, but the people I was staying with confirmed” I nodded. “They let me play with him. That whole day we just stayed on the beach and played in the water and the sand, we had ice cream and sandwiches. We talked like we were best friends, like I knew him my whole life”

I picked up the sand and watched as it fell through my fingers. “Then sand got in my eye. I went to the bathroom to wash it out and by the time I got back he was gone”

I smacked my lips and looked at the people playing volleyball. “No hug, no goodbye” I wiped my face clean of the tears the were now falling out.

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Joshua reached over to touch me but I moved away. “What if you’re right?” I asked him. “What if there is no God, and I’m just dying because I’m sick?”


“Valentina” he said slowly.

“I’ll die with nothing, no children, no home, no money, no one that cares about me, I’ll just die with no real purpose in life. I’ll always be the girl who was sick, lived till she was 24 and then died, cause that’s all I was good for” I felt my face get hot and I can tell that it’s all stained red now. Even my tears are warm as the fall down my cheeks.

“But why does that have to be me? Why does that have to be my fate? Who decides what we go through when we are born? Or is it all just probability?!” I asked angrily, fighting to keep my voice through the tears. “Is there really a God? Does he even care about any of us?”

“Who knows?” I say. “Who cares?”
“He cares” He said loudly. “I care”

“Yea, but why?” I finally look at him. “Why does anyone care for anything, if they know it’s not going to last forever? What’s the point? I’m going to die, Joshua why do you care that I am?”

“Because I know you”

“But do you really know me?”

“I know what you’ve told me” he moved closer.

“I haven’t told you much of anything” I cried.

“Valentina why are you saying this? This is all what you believe in right? Fate and God and stuff”

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“Well yea but what if there is not God? How could I possibly know? Like you said-”

“Since when have you listened to anything I’ve said?” He asked. “Just forget what I said, it was stupid. I think you’re just scared, and because you’re scared, you’re hurting yourself to make yourself feel better”

“How? I don’t feel better”

“It’s weird why people do it but they do. It’s a form of nostalgia, or even F.O.M.O”

I wiped my eyes. “What is F.O.M.O?”

“Fear of missing out” he slightly smiled.

“Since when did you know all this stuff? You’re old”

“I’m four years older than you” he pretended to be heartbroken.
“Exactly, old man” I stood up.

“I am not old Valentina, call me old again” he looked up at me.

“Old man” I said it slowly and smiled at him.

He jumped up and lunges at me but I moved before he could get me. “I was joking Joshua!” I ran from him.

He caught me quickly and threw me over his shoulder. “Stop!” I screamed.

I squealed as he spun me around. “Call me old again”

I hesitated. “I was joking” I laughed.

He smacked my butt. “Don’t call me old”
He began to put me down but my feet didn’t touch the ground. He held me close and pressed tightly against him. His nose slightly grazed mine and his lips inched toward mine. His warm tongue caressed mine and my feet finally hit the ground.

He placed his hand on my back and pulled me against him. “Joshua” I moaned.

He shut me up by pushing his tongue in my mouth. He kissed me harder and faster and before I knew it our little make-out session was attracting crowd of teenagers playing volleyball. “Joshua” I pulled away.

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“What?” He smirked.

“Um- we have an audience” I was glad my hair was blowing in my face to hide my embarrassment. I hid behind Joshua a little and blushed as he looked at me.

“Then lets go home” he laughed and kissed my head.