January 27, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 108

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 108

Rose’s POV

Ethan and I made love all night, we slept late and its one of the few times that I woke before him.

I went to the bathroom to shower and before I came back, I saw that Ethan was awoken already.

“How was your night?” I asked with just a tōwel rapped around my body.

“Sweet.”He replied and I smiled.

” Come Rose.” He ordered and I went to him.

He lœosened the tōwel around me and made me sït on his lãps.

He cùpped my brē—Ast with his hand and played with it, I mœ–Aned happily

He placed his møuth on my b—-ST and sùc-ked

“I can’t have enough of you!” He said and I only smiled.

“Get dress, we will be going somewhere together today.” He commanded and I nodded.

I started getting dressed while he went to the bathroom to bath.

We were soon done dressing, we then walked out of the building and he took me to an ocean.

There were only four people around and I loved the fact that it wasn’t crowdy.

We both sat on the soft brown sound that was before the river.

“Do you like the view?” He asked and I nodded.

“Hum! There is something that I have not told you about me.” He said and I placed my hand on his shoulder.

I looked into his face and asked; “What’s that?”

“Well, I’m a twin.” He said and I giggled.

“Are you joking?” I asked.

“My twin looked exactly like me, we have the same tone of voice, we walk the same way, you could hardly identify who is who between us cause we are so identical.” He said.

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“Really? How come I didn’t know all this while?Where is he?”

“I loved him so much but when mom and dad had a divorce, mom took me into custody while dad took him into custody, since then, I have not heard anything about him.” Ethan said.

“Wow! I hope he is fine, are you missing him?” I asked.

“Yes, that was why I wanted us to come here, I heard that he would be coming over to Turkey too, I hope I get to see him.” Ethan said and I nodded.

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“He also bears Ethan , but after dad took him into custody, he changed his name to Evan!” Ethan said and I furrowed my brow in surprise.