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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 72

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 72

Elizabeth’s POB

It was the second day and I only have less than 48 hours left for me to pass the test. If I try not to take any yogurt for just these few hours left, Mr Ashley Romeo will marry me and announce me to the world.

I can not wait.

I was at my department, working but I’m starving seriously for yogurt, I do not know if I’m addicted to yoghurt but yogurt is what I loved since I was very young.

After I was done from work, I entered the elevator and saw Mr Ashley Romeo there.

He won’t answer me if I greet him anyways, I guess he is trying to distinguish work from home.

“Baby!” He called and I looked around wondering if he was actually calling me or someone else.

I turned to him and he said; ” How was work today?”

“So it is you all this while? And you will be acting like you did not know me from Adam.” I said and he pulled me to him.

“What?” I askd but be planted his lips on mine.

“Sweet lips.” He said as he disengeged.

We kissed again and after we disengaged , I looked up at the elevator and I saw a camera there.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, did you realize that whoever is at the security of your company will see you kissing me?” I asked.

“Isn’t that what you want? for the world to know we are husband and wife?”

“We are still fake though, make it original quick.” I said.

“By this time next tomorrow, if you did not take yogurt, I will be doing that. I’m a man of my word.” He said and as the elevator landed, we both walked out.

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We entered his car and he began to drive.

“Why didn’t you want your driver to drive us?” I asked.

“Cause we are not going home.” He said.

“Hum? so where are we heading to?” I asked.

*You will soon find out.” He said and drive me into a very silent island.

He took me towards a very large pool.

He ùndrë–ssed and dived inside the pool.

“So you can swim Mr Ashley Romeo?” I asked.

“I wish you can dive in?” He said and I smirked.

“And who said I can not swim.” I said and began to p-üll off my clø;thes.

“I will advise you shouldn’t dive in.” He said but I ignored and dived in.