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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 73

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 73

Elizabeth’s POV

I hurriedly swam out of the pœol cause it was very hot, after I had swam out, I breathed our heavily.

How in the world was Mr Ashley Romeo dive inside this hot pool?

“I told you not to dive in, I prefer warm pool to cold pool.”He said and swam around flawlessly.

” Everything about you is strange, Mr Ashley Romeo, who in the world swims inside hot water?” I asked as I watched him.

“Just me and few people in the world.”He said and swam out.

The water was dripping all over his body which made him more sê–xy and beautiful.

” To e sincere, you are cute Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said and he only gazed at me.

He came to me and carried me and threw me inside the pool.

On entering, it was now cold, very cold.

I was confused. This was the same pool that I had dived in but was very warm.

I swam happily, I love a cold pool.

“We love different things in life.”Me Ashley Romeo said.

After I had swam happily for many minutes, I swam out.

I was happy.

” You love it?”He asked

“No.”I lied.

I went behind him and pushed him inside the cold pool.

He sank to the pøol, he wasn’t swimming at all.

I was scared, as he sank or what?

I dived inside the cold pool and saw him deep inside the pool.

My days, I did not know he can now swim inside a cold pool

I pulled him out but it was so much stress , by the time I was ablee to place him on the bare floor , his eyes were closed like he had fainted.

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I looked around and shouted for help but no one came to my aid.

What do I do now?

I pressed his chest a number of times and did resustication for him but it all prove abortive.

He just laid still like he was dead.

” Help! Help.” I screamed but no one came to my aid still.

Is it that no one lives around here or what.

I was so scared that I started crying.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, please stand up, please….don’t die.” I held his shoulder and shook him.

Nothing must happen to Mr Ashley Romeo, I love him so much.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, I’m sorry, please wake.”I cried more as I shook him.