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Amaka, the lesbian. Episode 53

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The Lesbian
Season 2
Episode 53

Toriperi story.

I cannot imagine myself loosen the whole plan. I told him, “Uncle, let me suck your d_ _k. The speed at which he released me was like a jet flying on the sky. He pulled himself away from me, I bent down like about to kneel, I looked the way he raised his head backwards having the excitement of me sucking his cucvmber. I quietly walked away from him. Before he opened his eyes I was already at the door. “What style is this?” I heard a lady’s voice from behind. I turned and saw my Aunty looking straight at my Uncle, I nearly shocked.

I touched my chest, breathing heavily. Just a step to get caught. It was now my Uncle realized I have gone away from him. He hurriedly turn down and pretended like exercising himself. He placed his two hands on the floor, trying to cover his penetrated d_ _k from his wife. He started pressing up, 16, 17, 18, 19 30, 35…. My Aunty was surprised seeing me, “Ama, are you still here since you left my room? My lips were heavy, even when I managed to open them, they are speechless, so I used my hands to communicate, telling her I was coming from kitchen. I’m not sure if she is confused. She told her husband that the next day is the bible study and they must not miss it. “Since, we returned, you never rest and I will not allow you stay back at home, telling me you are tired when we are to be in church because you suppose to be resting by now”. I gently laughed, I know my sister is trying to keep her husband away maybe she has a doubtful mind. This is the time to meet the best man of my life who can f_ _k me to c_m. “Aunty, pls can I go with you tomorrow, I need to be attending bible study too”. My uncle fell on the ground, never believed I could say or ever imagine attending the Bible study. “What do you mean Ama?” My Aunty asked in surprise. Confidently I replied her, they never understood the basic of me attending their program. I have missed sister Margaret’s husband, our junior pastor. He is a heavy bado. His f_ _g is not ordinary at all, nobody can be that good, even my Uncle is not half as near, as he is, I concluded it’s the spirit in him that is definitely applying honey to his incomparable cucvmber. “Nne, are you sure what you are saying”, my aunty asked calmly. I see, so your Aunty has poisoned your heart, I think that is why you suddenly changed?”

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My Uncle did not know when he said that, he just lost control. My Aunty looked at him in confusion. “Are you saying, attending the church programs is a crime?” “Did I say anything at all, pls let’s someone massage my back, I’m seriously having pain”, uncle pleaded. I know if I make myself available, massaging his back in the presence of my aunty, she will definitely know something is going on between my uncle and I because his d_ _k will surely misbehave, so I focused my gaze on her eyes, expecting her say something. “why are you staring at me, Ama? You heard your uncle. Don’t worry, you go to your room and relax, I will do him the massage, Go! ” my Aunty said. I turned back

and pushed the door and saw my little sister standing before me. How long has the smart girl been here, she might have heard and seen everything between uncle and I. What lie will I tell her this time. My heart pounded heavily. She held me by wrist and dragged me in…

To be continued