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Amaka, the lesbian. Episode 55

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Don’t worry, it is adult matter, I promise you I’ll be fine.

You stay here and sleep while I meet uncle downstairs. Uncle sat alone, anticipating to see me. He grabbed me by my waist immediately he saw me. Held me that I hardly breathe. “Nne, have missed you so much” he pronounced. “Wait uncle, let’s leave this place, I think we can use the backyard where there is no light before we get caught here”. He hardly allowed me finished the statement when he bundled me to backside.

“Uncle, just be patient. I know you want me badly. But it will not help because you will get me tired within a minute, so let’s do it gently”. Ok, he said. So we began kissing and touching, just a little to get us in the mood. When I pushed him back and settled in front of him, I can see his c_ck already straining to be out for a turn in the limelight. I slowly undo his shirt caressing his stomach and chest. His body was so warm. He relaxed While I undo his belt, he watches me intently. At this moment it really feels like the first time, perhaps because I’m more than far away from him, he must truly missed me. I try not to stumble over the buttons and trouser zip. Once that challenge has been conquered, I massage his hardness through his boxers until he can bear it no longer and whips them down along with the trousers. Now I have all the access I need. I showered his tummy with some flash kisses then take his d_ _k into the warmth of my mouth for the first, slow taste.

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The skin is wonderful against my lips. I can smell the familiar aroma that is uniquely his. I worked on the shaft, pressing my lips and licking the swollen black tip. I can only fit so much of his in my mouth—but I tried my hardest for him, opening my throat to let him drive as deep as he wants. Sometimes when he face-f_cks me I nearly choke. But a bl_wjob is different. It is about him receiving the pleasure, not merely taking it. Then I cradled his balls, squeezing and s_cking them. He really gets off on this and stroked my back but I can tell he doesn’t want to interrupt my flow.

I know what I am doing. I know how to please him. Working my hand and mouth together in unison for the best effect, the most stimulation. I know I need more money to settle down once my brothers are brought to Lagos. I can also use my uncle to make more money: demanding from him too. The thought brings me back to his cock and I redouble my efforts—let’s make this one to remember, so that once I make my demands, he won’t hesitate. “oh my goodness, Amy you are really different this time.

He m0aned louder and louder. I stopped and told me to cover his mouth or I stop. He never argued, agreed and forced my head back to his strong standing d_ _k. Gripping the root of his d_ck, I quickly thrust my head up and down. My lips pursed, the muscles in them creating friction as the blood rushes to his pleasure zone making it rigid and unyielding.

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He gripped my bre@st, wrapped his palm on it and began to squeeze it with reckless abandon. I pulled off my skimpy to pave way for him. His head often fell back as his body touched the wall. I knew I’ve stayed long on my knees because it’s really aching down there even my mouth too was full of drawl that came out from his d_ _k. There is no way I can escape from swallowing it, I swallowed it anyway, that’s not a big deal. The taste was normal. “Uncle, I’m tired, let’s change position” I pleaded. “Ah! Baba, it is too early, pls try more”, he demanded. I nodded in disagreement, I stood up from him. “Ok” he said. He turned me forcefully and bent my waist downward towards his standing cucvmber, I looked from the little space between my laps through the reflection of light.

He pulled my pant to one side, used his fingers to trace my hole, he first inserted it and pulled it out immediately before he forced in his rod. I opened my mouth wider as it entered gradually. He did with care – slowly. I felt it allover my body. He ejected it again and reinserted it.

This time the lubricant made it easy, he pulled in and out while he held me at back with a hand and his second hand on my b_t_k. I can hear how he strongly m0aned and breathing heavily, banging me with reckless abandon.


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