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Head Boy. Chapter 56

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 56


Raymond started the car and commenced driving.

“How is your mom?” He asked and glanced at me.

“She is fair.” I answered but he didn’t say any word until we get to somewhere that looked like an agricultural center.

“It’s a plantation, dad owned it.” He said and we both got down from the car.

The place was so beautiful and cool.

We started by walking on the tiled road and then turned into a side. There were many mango trees there.

“This side is a mango plantation, you would only find all sorts of mangoes here…see this, it’s not tall cause it was nurtured in the laboratory for the first five weeks…” He kept saying all sorts and I was enjoying it.

He seems to know so much about agriculture.

“Do you like it?” He asked and looked at my face.

“Yes.” I lowered my head.

I was shy, It was the last thing I was expecting.

“Are you sad that I took you out when you were suppose to be in class?” He asked.

I sharply shook my head. “I love it, thank you.”

“I won’t let you fail, I will teach you!” He said and I nodded.

“You don’t want to look at my face, hmmm.” He said and I tried to look at his face but I just can’t.

Is it not the same me that slapped him?

I feel ashamed that I can not look at his face now.

“See that!” He said and I looked towards the direction of his hand.

I saw a very ripe mango.

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“Do you want it?” He asked

“Yes.” I smiled and was now about to look at his face.

He looked at me for few seconds and smiled, he took few steps away from me and walked to the tree.

He started to climb it.

“Can you climb?” I asked.

“I climb these trees every year, dad always bring us here every year?” He said and began to climb.

It took him about three minutes to navigate his way to the tree.

He pluked the riped mango and said; “Catch it?”

“Sure.” He threw it but I couldn’t catch it.

I wasn’t that good in ball, it fell to the floor.

I bent and picked it.

“Is that okay or you want more?” He asked.

“How about you, won’t you pluck one?” I asked.

He searched around and pluck another one.

“That’s for me.”He threw it to me gently and he started climbing down carefully.

After he had got to the floor, he said; ” Thanks to Marie, he made me comfortable around you!”

“Head boy!” I called and he turned to me. “Everytime Marie, do you always know what Marie think?”

“I started rearing Marei when he was just two months old,my mum was bringing Marie, his mother and two other puppies, they had an accident and only Marie survived, anytime I see Marie, I remember my mom.” He said.

“I’m sorry about that, you have really grown so close to Marie.” I said and he nodded.

He walked through the leaves and went to sit on some yellow dried leaves

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“Should I come?”I asked.

” Right here.” He beat the leaves before him.

I understood what he meant and went to sit before him.

“Have this!” I gave him his mango while I held mine.

“Close your eyes?” He ordered and I closed my eye without thinking.

“Open it.”He commanded and I opened my eye.

I couldn’t find his mango again in his hand.

” Where is your mango?” I asked.

“In my belly, let’s drink yours together?” He requested and I wondered if he will be able to bite the part my mouth will bite.

He stood, collected the mango from me and walked away, he came back few minutes later and gave it back to me.

“I went to rinse it, take your bite now.” He said and I took a bite.

It was delicious and so sweet, I was conscious of everything around me cause his eyes was fixed on me.

“Your turn?” I asked and stretched the mango to him.

“Take one more bite.”He ordered and I took another bite, this time , the silly juice of the mango spilled across my lips and I felt embarased.

My anky was inside my bag at school, how would I clean it now?

Raymond smiled and adjusted closer to me.

” I’ll help.” He said

“How? you are not holding an hanky?”I said, peeking at his hand.

” I will drink the mango from your mouth, remain still.” He said and as he moved his lips close to mine, I closed my eye like I would stiff.