February 4, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 110

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 110


Ethan and I had fun for the rest of the day and returned to our floor that night.

“I would be visiting my brother briefly upstairs.” He said and I nodded.

I was restless and couldn’t think all that was going on with me through. .

How come I didn’t notice all this while, Ethan had a deep green eye while his brother had a light green eye.

It was the only feature that I could use to distinguish them, but then, would I be looking into their eyes everytime.

I sat and couldn’t even get something to eat.

Ethan came back few minutes later and said; “Hope you are fine Rose?”

“Hmmm?” I answered and he lãid beside me like he was ready to sleep.

I stood and walked outside, I wish I can talk to that man.

“What are you doing outside?” I heard a voice come from the stairs and I checked and saw that it was Evan.

I looked at him and I felt some connection between us in the past but I can not place it.

“Are you trying to remember me?” He asked.

I could have said yes but I only looked away.

“Do you have a question for me?” He asked.

“Have I seen you before?” I asked him.

“Who knows, only you can answer that. But if your question was if I had seen you before, I’ll reply you with ‘yes.” He answered.

“Where?” I asked.

“We use to be lovers.” He said and chuckled.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“I did not pray to see you again but all these is Ethan’s fault. He should have stayed away from me.” He said.

“You said we use to be lovers, how? ” I asked.

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He laughed and said; “This will crack you if I tell you.”

I didn’t see anything funny so I just kept looking at him.

“Both of us were lovers for many years, we dated and worked towards our marriage, we did wedding and Ethan was present, After we were done with the wedding and going home, I travelled out of the country and told Ethan to have you till I coms back but I knew I’ll never be back.” He explained.

“And I did not know? Ethan agreed to? I’m confused.” I uttered and placed my palm on my head that was aching.