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First Kīss. Chapter 12

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First Kiss.

-Park Theresa-

Chapter 12

“No, I can’t let you turn into ashes, you are not even suppose to fall in love with Elena, just let her get her first kiss from you so you can go back to your planet.” Camila said to Xavier

“Do that for me, please!” Xavier pleaded but Camilla shook her head in disagreement.

Camilla walked away.

Xavier walked to where Elena lay and made her wake.

Elena looked around wondering what went wrong with her.

“Seems I killed someone?” She asked as he turned to Xavier.

“Maybe in your dream.” Xavier walked away from her

Elena was confused, she remembered that she suddenly left Xavier and went to kill a lady, she had rejected but she doesn’t know what came upon her to stab the lady.

She walked back to her class.

Leonard sat with his brothers and were playing the keyboard when Leonard suddenly heard the same sound he heard few minutes ago.

He placed his two hands on his ear and lowered his head.

After the voice stopped, he raised his head and saw his brothers staring at him.

“What’s the matter Leonard?” Alfred asked.

“I heard the same voice again, I’ll be right back.” Leonard said and walked out.

He had a feeling that the strange voice he was hearing as something to do with Xavier but he can’t place it.

He finally found Xavier leaning by the school’s pole.

“Who are you exactly?” Leonard asked.

“You can ask that again.” Xavier retorted and tucked his beautiful hair.

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“You will never be able to accomplish what you came to this school for and please stay away from Elena.” Leonard warned and walked away.

Xavier only smiled and shook his head, he wouldn’t allow Elena kiss Leonard cause he’s beginning to love her, he won’t stand and watch Leonard give her the first kiss also.

He knows that Leonard is beginning to like Elena, he needs to find a way to stop that.

If Elena and Leonard ended up becoming lovers, he will loose Elena’s love and the first kiss. He is not ready to fail on both sides.

He wouldn’t let Elena kiss Leonard when he is not even certain that Elena would fall in love with him.

Xavier thought of what else he could do to make Elena love him.

After school, Xavier saw Elena walking towards the exit with Hailey.

He ran like speed and appeared behind her.

“Since I do not not collect the ice cream from you, aren’t you suppose to pay with something else?” Xavier asked.

Elena heard and turned, Hailey walked a distance away from them.

“Xavier, must I pay?” She asked.

“Oh yes, you must?” He replied.

“Fine, should I get you another iced cream this time?” She asked.

“I want something more.”

“Which is?”

“I need you to stay away from Leonard.” Xavier declared.