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First Kīss. Chapter 13

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First Kiss

-Park Theresa-

Chapter 13

Elena stood still before Xavier not understanding his reasons for wanting him to stay away from Leonard.

She sees Leonard as a cool and handsome guy, he doesn’t look like one that would hurt her.

“Why?” Elena was finally able to ask.

“Well, it’s what I want as repayment for saving you five times.” Xavier replied.

“You should ask for something else.” Elena said but Xavier disagreed.

“It’s what I want, it’s not hard, is it?” Xavier asked and winked at Elena.

He sped home.

Elena couldn’t think it through as she walked her way to Hailey, Hailey intentionally didn’t ask what just happened between Xavier and Elena.

She understood that if it was what she should know, Elena would make it known to her without her asking.

They departed and Elena arrived home, her step mother saw her from where she sat and ran to meet her.

“Welcome , my daughter!” She said with a bright smile on her face.

“Thank you ma.” Elena answered but still felt very uncomfortable around the woman.

The woman led Elena inside and when she was about entering her room, the woman spoke and said; “Your food is served, when are you coming to eat?”

“As soon as I’m done.” Elena answered and walked inside.

She changed her dress and walked out to eat, to her surprise, she saw her step mother sitting and smiling.

She sat before the woman and began to eat.

There was silence for a while, then the woman spoke; “Elena, I do need a favour from you.”

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Elena paused her food and looked at the woman. “I would be glad to help , ma.”

“You do have a friend named Xavier right?” The woman asked.

“Yea ma.” She answered but wondered how her step mother get to know.

Maybe she was informed by Sally.

“Good, Ask him that you needed a portion of death’s spit?”

Elena was stunned and couldn’t grasp what the woman just said, she felt like she probably heard the wrong thing.

“I don’t think I get that, ma.”

“Tell that to Xavier and make sure he gives you, if she does…I promise to do anything you want, I’ll also take you on shopping on Saturdays.”

*Portion of death spit? ” Elena repeated and the woman nodded.

“Alright ma.” Elena said and the woman stood.

With a bright smile on the woman’s face, she walked away.

Elena kept repeating the words in her mind and when she couldn’t find a reasonable meaning to the word, she felt like the words probably had a different meaning.