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My V Husband. Chapter 112

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 112

Rose’s POV

I watched Ethan as he sat upright on the bed.

“Rose!” He called calmly.

“Answer my question, I’m confused.” I requested.

“No, my brother said he was trying to protect you and that I should be your husband till he comes back.” Ethan said to my greatest surprise.

“So, you were not the one I was dating for four years?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, it’s one of the reason why I stayed away from making love with you, I waited for my brother for many months and when I didn’t see him show up, I had to succumb to the pressure of being romantic.”He explained.

” What in the world is he trying to protect me from? I’m even confused right now, I don’t even know whom I love.” I said and sat on the chair.

I’m happy it was only Ethan that had made love with me, cause how in the world will two brothers make love with me.

“You shouldn’t have made love with me , then.” I said.

“I knew, I’m sorry.” Ethan apologized.

“If you want to go back to him, it’s totally fine by me.” Ethan said.

“Really? Am I like a commodity that you guys would be trading, I was with him for many years, then he transferred me to you, and then you are tryingg to transfer me to him agan.” I lamented bitterly.

“Wait! was that why you brought me on this vacation?” I questioned.

“Yes, to unveil the truth to you, you can go back with the person you love. If you still love me , fine…we will go back to America together, if it is he that you love , you can go with him.” Ethan said

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I laid on the bed, I was confused.

Whom do I even love?

But I can’t let two brothers make love with me so I’ll just keep being with Ethan.

“Can we leave this place already? I do not like seeing your brother around.” I said to him.

“Fine, we will be leaving tomorrow.” He assured and I slept off.

I woke the following morning and saw Ethan meditating. Evan also meditates.

They obviously practise the same religion.

I heard a knock on the door and I went to open it, I was surprised to see Evan standing and smiling.

“Take this!” He gave me an album of many pictures.

I scanned it and saw that they were pictures of Evan and I in many places at different times.