September 25, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 104

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 104


I have heard stories of men that had caused ladies trauma and I had vowed that if I have a similar occurrence happen to someone close to me, whoever caused it will not go scot free.

I was driving to the address of the man that Brenda had described for me, I keep hoping that the old man would be alive and be at home.

I arrived at the house and saw that the house was a very big and beautiful house.

I see, he’s a rich old man.

I alighted from the car and approached the securities guarding the house and said; “I need to see the man that owns this house?”

“Who are you to chief?” One of them asked.

“A friend to his son.” I lied.

“Hum! We have never seen you before, though.” One of the men said while the other whispered into his ear.

“We would allow you in if you corporate.” One of the men said.

I understood what he meant and went back to my car, I gave them some dollars and their mood changed into a very happy one.

They allowed me to walk inside the compound.

“Can anyone lead me to him?”I asked.

” Sure!” One of them replied, He was short and dår-k.

He lead me inside the house to where the Old man was.

I was stunned to see him laying, two girls at their early age were helping him massage his lãps.

The man was only a play pant, I assumed that the man probably use this grls just like she use Brenda when she was younger. That made me so angry and I walked to the man and grabbed him by the collar.

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I pulled him up and threw a heavy punch to his face.

“You are the one that uses little girls anyhow.” I said and threw another heavy blow to his face.

The man that lead me to the room the old man was had already left.

I could see fear at the face of the two little girls.

“Don’t be scared, I mean no harm, I came to help you. Where are your parents?” I asked?

“They sold us to him.” One of the little girls answersd sharply.

I phoned the cops and explained the situation to them, the helped the girls and arrested the man.

I walked back home, people likes this should spend the rest of their life in jail.