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First Kiss. Chapter 14

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First Kiss.

Written by Park Theresa.

Chapter 14

Elena arrived to school the following morning, as much as she tried to get rid of the thoughts of her step mother’s request, she just couldn’t.

Hailey ran to her as soon as she sighted her and said; “Elena, did you hear the recent gist?”

“What’s that?”Elena questioned.

” It was rumoured that Leonard is going on a week video shoot for his new single, so he won’t be around in school, many female students crushing on him are already getting sad that they won’t see Leonard in school for a full week.”Hailey said.

“Oh! good for him.”Elena said and started walking towards her class

” Like seriously? I thought you were crushing on Leonard?”Hailey asked as they walked side by side to their class.

“No, He’s just cool and he likes me. ” Elena answered.

“How I wish it was me that he likes.” Hailey said and Elena chuckled.

They both walked inside.

Elena was wondering if Xavier would be upstairs so he could deliver her step mom’s request.

Xavier was still at home with Nala, he was not happy that Nala wanted him to go back to his planet.

He thought of so many ways to convince Nala but he didn’t seem to arrive at any.

He had already got dressed for school, he walked to Nala.

“How was your nigh Xavier?” Nala asked with a smile.

Before Xavier could respond, Nala gestured to the dinning and said; “Your food is on the table.”

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“I’m not eating.” Xavier said and sped to school.

In few seconds , he had arrived at school.

He noticed that lectures had already commenced so he sped inside his class.

“Did someone just walk in?” The man teaching asked, he knew he felt something like a breeze and a new face appeared in the seats before him but he was confused.

“Were you here before?” The teacher asked Xavier.

“Continue teaching, sir.” Xavier ignored the man’s question rudely.

The man sighed and continued teaching.

When it was break, Xavier stood before Elena’s class, admiring her beauty.

While others are sad that Leonard is going for a full week video shoot, he was happy cause he knows that he would be able to have time to make Elena love him.

Elena sighted Xavier and walked towards him.

“I’ve being meaning to talk to you.” Elena said and they both walked away from the roudy class.

“My mom said I should ask you for a portion of death spit.” Elena asked and Xavier paused, his expression change, and as his eyes turned full red, thunder strikes everywhere in the sky