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First Kiss. Chapter 15

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First Kiss.

Park Theresa

Chapter 15

Elena covered her ears in shock, she bent in fear. Xavier was angry and almost hurt Elena but he resisted his anger.

He was the only one that possess the portion of death spit, no other person does. It was a secrete to him

When he came to the earth fifty years ago, he didn’t come alone, he came with a girl whom he wishes he loved but was forbidden.

He was forbidden to fall in love with that lady and he couldn’t have broken the command cause he knows the consequence.

He and the lady were on a mission on earth, one thing led to the other and the last helplessly fell in love with Xavier.

Xavier was ever young and cute, the lady wasn’t able to repel his beauty and was in love with him.

Xavier knew the lady would turn to ashes in no time so he ran away from the lady, he thought that when the lady can not find him again, she would find a life of herself and move on.

It’s the only way Xavier thought he could keep her alive, Xavier met another alien who had being stcuk on earth for over 100 years.

After Xavier had told the man his current predicament, the man told him to find a portion of death split and ensure the lady drinks it, if she does, even if they both fall in love nothing will happen.

Xavier was glad at that option and was ready to find the portion of death split.

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He was ready to walk the earth until he finds the portion of death split.

Deep down inside of him, he loves the lady. If only he would get the portion of death split, he would be in a relationship with the lady and live many years on earth together even as they work together to accomplish their mission.

The man however made it known to him that there is only one portion of death split on earth.

Xavier didn’t care, he was ready to search with all his might and find it.

Xavier found it after 20 years of searching, he went back to where he thought the lady would be and at that time, the lady was already sick and laid on the bed with disease.

People around told him she had been sick for ten years.

Xavier became sad but still decided to administer the portion of death split to her to see if she would come alive, in his attempt, the lady screamed all of a sudden and died.

Xavier cried his eyes out and kept the portion of death split since then.

But now, someone is requesting for it.