October 4, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 115

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 115

Rose’s POV

-Three days later-

Ethan had gone to work, I was inside the kitchen washing the dishes when I heard the visitor’s bell.

It’s just few hours that Ethan left, who could have been at the entrance?

I paused the dishes I was washing and went to the door, I opened it and was stunned to see Evan.

He was on a dark spectacle and beside him was a puppy and a luggage.

“Good morning, Rose.” He greeted with his thick firm voice.

“Ethan is not at home.” I answered.

“Do you now hate me? Do you recollect this puppy? he was born my Oscar, your favorite dog amidst my dogs then , remember?” He asked.

I truly remembered but I was still not comfortable around him.

“What did you want?” I questioned and mere looking at his light green eyes melt me.

I felt weak and wished that he had not swapped himself for his brother, now that I have examined my feelings, my feelings for him is absolutely dead, I now have feelings for his brother

“How can you easily forget that we dated for four years?” He questioned.

“I didn’t forget, I just didn’t know you were the one. You know what I advised? I know you probably still love me but I can not love you again. I can not let two brothers make love with me, do you get that? So, please….I beg you, stay away from our marriage.”I said and intentionally closed the door on him.

I leaned on the door and closed my eye sadly.

Evan, evan! since his name is Evan, why did he lie to me all thoss years that his name was Ethan. I knew he tried to protect me but…. I don’t even know….he should have explained to me, I would understand.

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I thought of opening the door but I ignored

I walked back to continue washing the dishes but I had already lost my strength.

I cleaned my hand and went to sit at the living room.

I was lost in deep thought.

My phonee rang and seeing that it was Ethan, I picked it.

“How are you Rose? Why didn’t you allow my brother in?” He asked

“Excuse me? he was with a luggage?” I told him.

“He might just want to stay for few days, please allow him.” He said and hung up.

What’s wrong with Ethan?”