November 28, 2023

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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 78

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 78

Elizabeth’s POV

Mr Ashley Romeo came to me and said; “How was your night?”

“Fine.” My reply was brief cause I was impatient for him to announce me as his wife already.

I noticed he was walking outside, probably to take his early morning jug.

“Baby, when are you announcing me to the world as your wife?” I asked.

“Impressive, you called me baby? Well, you did not take yogurt for the three days, right?” He asked.

“I did not.” I lied expecting him to believe it

He walked to me and looked inside my eyes.

“You are lieing, tell me the truth.” He asked softly.

Has he found out or what?

If he has found out, he won’t be asking.

“Well, it’s the truth.” I answered.

I tried to look at his face but I couldn’t.

“I can easily tell when you are lying, did you take the yogurt?” He asked.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, what’s the meaning of all these questions? if you want to announce me as your wife, do that already and stop asking me silly questions.”I shouted at him and took steps back.

” If you are saying the truth, I’ll announce you then.” He said and I watched him.

“World, I announce Elizabeth today as my legal wife, she is no longer a fake wife.” He shouted in the room.

What happen to this one?

“What sort of announcement is that?” I asked.

“Announcement is announcement.”He answered and wanted to start walking out but I double crossed him.

I almost cried as I said; ” You are a very wicked man, you want to keep me as a fake wife forever, right? I did not take yogurt for three days only for you to announce to the walls of the house that I’m now your original wife, I hate you.”

“You did not have to hate me, you only need to work on yourself, Elizabeth.” He said.

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“Indeed! Why don’t you get a tractor and start using it to work on me, I’m leaving your house. if you try to hold me down, I promise you that I’ll kill myself.” I said and walked inside my room.

I packed my luggage

I hate this Mr Ashley Romeo, he only knows how to use people.

After I had arranged my luggage, I dragged it out, I have little money with me to live for the time being.