October 1, 2023

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First Kiss. Chapter 16

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First Kiss.

Story by Park Theresa.

Chapter 16

Elena stood after everything had died down, she looked around wondering why the thunder strikes.

She could see a look of anger on Xavier’s face , one that she had never seen before.

Xavier noticed it and quickly melt his face into its usual indifferent expression.

“Are you angry cause of the question I asked?” Elena questioned.

“You need to stay away from your mom, how in the world did she know that I have it?” He asked and Elena only stared at him.

Elena wondered what portion of death split meant.

“What’s the meaning?” She asked Xavier.

“It’s not for you to know.” He said and continued walking with Elena.

“You have to tell me, actually she’s not my mom but my step mom. Her acts towards me recently has been good which is uncommon for her. What’s going on? Did you know each other in the past?” Elena asked.

She was so curious.

“Don’t ask me silly questions, just be careful around her.” Xavier responded.

“What response would I give her?” Elena asked.

“Tell her I said, I would never give anyone.” He replied and Elena nodded.

Leonard stood before Bob; his manager.

“Can’t we postpone the photo shoot till we vacate, I really do not want to go to that far place for a video shoot?” Leonard lamented.

“Common Leonard, I can’t believe you are speaking this way, we have gone to far places and you have always enjoyed it. I knew that you even love music than your academics, so why are you trying to stay back?” Bob asked.

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“I guess it’s because of Elena.” Derrick who had been leaning behind the door appeared before Leo and his manager.

They both turned at him.

“Who is Elena?” Bob questioned.

“A student of this school, seems Leonard likes her.” Derrick replied.

“Is that true? …you should have told me?” Derrick said and sat.

“Hum! how about we take her along for the video shoot, we can even feature her and pay her handsomely?” Bob suggested.

Leonard had not thought about that and hearing Bob says it makes him feel good. He liked Bob’s suggestion.

“What if she disagrees?” Leonard asked.

“We won’t make it look like she’s going because of you, it would be more of a contract and who wouldn’t like to feature in your song.” Bob said and Leonard smiled.

“Fine, speak to her and get back to me?” Leonard ordered and Bob nodded.

“Take me to Elena’s class, Derrick.” Bob requested and Derrick started leading him to Elena’s class.