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My V Husband. Chapter 132-136

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 132

Rose’s POV

I was still inside my room with Ethan.

“It’s been five months that you had been working, you promise to swap your position as the auditor general so dad won’t have control over your government work again.” I said.

“I’m really working hard, last time, I spoke with the boards appointed with the government, they told me they would get back to me in thirty days time, it’s a very expensive request, I do hope they accept it.” He said.

“I hope so too, I was thinking that now that I have a baby, can’t we be following you to work, I will just act like I am working or if there is any place I can rest at your place of work…or what do you think, did you hear your dad said that he was going to seduce me, that’s really scary. I can not imagine cheating on my husband, I won’t forgive myself?” I said

“Evans would not make any advance to you unless he wants an early death, you can’t be stressing our baby every morning and evening. You as a matter fact needs a lot of rest, you have newly put to bed. I will speak to Evans.”He said.

” Hum! Can’t we rent another house somewhere with the little that you have earned?” I asked.

“Not yet, I’m saving and have a better plan for the money, I actually wanted us to buy a house in the next ten months, renting house is not in our favour anymore.” Ethan answered.

“Understood, I’m just nervous.” I said and placed my head on his shoulder.

He rubbed my hair playfully and assured that it would be well.

I lai-d on the bed while my baby la-id beside me.

“Please sleep very well.”Ethan said and just when I was about to sleep , the baby started to cry out.

I took the baby to me and began to bre-ast feed him.

” Turns out I now havs a competitor, he can keep su–king the bre–ast all he want, when he grows and stop, I will continue from there?” He said and I flushed.

Ethan who planned on leaving for his room before changed his mind and laid beside me.

He placed his hand on the second br-;ast and played with it.

“Should I play with your second breast?”He asked and I chuckled

“If you drink the milk, what will be left for the baby?” I asked and we both laughed.

My Virgin Husband

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 143

Ethan’s POV

I was seated inside Evan’s room.

“Do you plan on making sexual advance to my wife?” I asked

“Don’t call her your wife before me ,please. Just call her Rose. She’s still mine in my mind.”

“Let me tell you a story, there was a guy that insisted on marrying my wife many months ago, guess what is fate was?” I asked.

I wasn’t expecting him to reply, so I said; “He’s at the prison serving a life time sentence.”

Evans laughed and said; “Really? you want to threaten me with that nonsense? I will go to jail just for wanting to have what rightfully belongs to me from the onset?”

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“Not only did he go to jail, he lost his two arms too, his lost his eyes, it would have been better if he died.” I said.

“Your threat will not work, brother, maybe you could have threaten me if dad is not involved, but you do not even have as much power as dad, you will be loosing a lot, if anything happens to be by mistake?”

“Sometimes, I can be dangerous. Don’t think I did not know you and dad worked my expulsion from my two jobs those times, I wasn’t prepared then , if similar occurence repeat itself, I have a better plan now.” I let out.

“Is this conversation over?”Evans asked.

” It’s my good advise to you, don’t make a mistake of making sexual advances to my wife and please, don’t disturb her, she needs a lot of sleep.” I said and stood.

“And If I disturb her? And if I make sexual advance, what exactly will you do?”His voice was loud.

” Forget about what I will do, just remember that you will be playing with death. I had tried my best by letting you come to live in my house, I also did well by letting my wife stay In a single room. Brother, be careful and don’t let me hurt you.” I said and walked away.

I will be going to work tomorrow and I’m even scared of leaving Rose behind.

This stupid Evans of a guy is unpredictable, and now that the camera has been uninstalled, it will become hard to track what is going on in the house.

An idea came to my mind and I smiled at myself.

I will do just that.

My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 134

Rose’s POV

Ethan had gone out, I was inside my room but to me, it looked more like a prison.

Cause I was not free to go out and do things I wish to do, I can’t go freely to the kitchen cause of fear of being seen by Evans.

A knock landed on my door, I did not even bother raising my head from the bed cause I knew it was Evans.

The door was locked, when he knocks severally but got no response , he would leave.

“Rose, please let me talk to you… I mean no harm. I still love you. How can I hurt someone I love?” He asked?

I still didn’t raise my head from the bed. I wanted to put a call across to Ethan but I felt like he would be disturbed.

There was nothing he could do anyways, since he’s at work.

My baby suddenly started to cry, I br–east feed the baby but he continued crying.

I petted it and did everything but the baby continued crying.

I felt like he probably needs water.

Oops! Now, I will need to get out to get him water.

I walked to the door and opened it lightly. I wasn’t surprised to see Evans still standing.

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I ignored him and walked to the kitchen, I was carrying my baby in my hands.

I got water and fed him with it.

The baby stopped crying immediately, I know it…

I walked back to my room and saw that Evans was already inside.

“What is the meaning of this?” I questioned.

“I mean no harm, Rose.” He said and threw his two hands up in the air.

“What are you talking about? leave my room first.” I said but he didn’t make any move to leave.

“I need few minutes to speak with you.” He said.

“Get out.” I screamed but he was indifferent.

“Did you want to r-ape me?” I asked.

“I can’t do such to anyone , not to talk of the lady I have always loved. Rose, please hear me out?” He requested

I picked my phone and dialed Ethan’s mobile.

“Rose, are you fine?” He asked as if he had been expecting my call.

“Your brother is disturbing the peace of your son and I.” I reported to him.

“Give him the phone.” He said and I stretched the phone to Evans but he refused to collect it.

My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 135

Rose’s POV

“He’s not collecting the phone from me.” I said to Ethan.

“Oops! I’m very busy right now and taking an excuse will make me look unserious.” He said and was quiet.

“I will send someone over.” He said.

“To do what?” I asked.

“To stay with you till I’m chances to come over?” I asked.

“A male or female?” I asked.

“A female, trust me , you won’t be hurt.” Ethan assured.

I hung up and sunk to my bed. I pray that this time pass quickly.

Evans stood still and then said; “Is Ethans coming?”

“I hate you, man.” I said to him.

“That hurts! But Rose…you know I really love you.”

“I know you hate me , if you love me like you claim , you will let my baby and I be. I can’t love you anymore, get that into your skull.” I said.

“Rose… I know you have fallen in love with Ethan but… I still love you.” he said.

“I can’t love you, how many times do I have to say that? get out, my daughter and I needs a lot of rest.” I said.

“Fine… ” He said.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me? that you love me?” I asked.

“I will tell you a thousand times as long as I have the opportunity too but what I really wanted to tell you is quiet complicated.” He said

“What?” I asked.

“That baby in you is not for Ethan, call and ask him, tell him not to lie to you.” He said and I laughed.

“He doesn’t have to confirm anything, I know the person that made love with me, the only man that had made love with me ever since I was born till date is Ethan…find a better lie.” He said.

“Can you just call and put it to him?” He asked.

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“I trust my husband, find a better lie?” I asked.

He sighed and cleaned tears forming from the corner of his face.

We heard the visitor’s bell, I knew it was the lady that Ethan sent.

I left my baby behind and went to attend to her.

“Welcome.” I said and welcomed her to my room.

Before I returned to the room, I couldn’find Evans and…my baby.

“I placed my baby here before leaving.” I mumbled to the lady that Ethan sent.

I ran out to search for Evans.

Where has he carried my baby too?

My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 136


The lady Ethan sent to me also helped search for Evans, we searched for Evans and my baby in the house but couldn’t find them.

“He’s just a two day old baby, how can he so cruel?” I lamented.

“Should I call Mr. Ethan?” She asked but I was too sad to reply.

She phoned Ethan and informed him about what just happened.

She, then sat beside me.

“We will find your baby, surely…please don’t think too much.” The lady said but I was indifferent at her words.

I was so sad.

Ethan walked in many minutes later and walked swiftly to me, there were sweats on his forehead.

“Evans ran away with my baby!” He repeated before us.

“Yes, boss.” The girl replied and Ethan turned away sadly.

He was quiet for a while them came to squat before me.

“Rose, I just need you not to think too much, I will find our baby” He said.

“But how, how many days will it take us to find him? my baby is just two days old? won’t he have died before we found Evans…” I lameneted bitterly.

“Nothing will happen to our baby, there are always better way to track his whereabout.” Ethan said and stood.

“Please be a chaperone for my wife, I will be back as soon as I can.” Ethan said.

“Sure boss.”The lady replied and Ethan walked away.

Few hours later, Someone walked inside and it was Evans.

I ran to him and shouted; ” Where is my baby? where is my husband?”

“I’m not cruel Rose, your baby is in a safe hand and for Ethan, he probably got a wrong lead and went somewhere far to search for me.” He said.

The lady Ethan left with me picked up her phone to call Ethan but Evans said; “Don’t try that.”

“Why? you would kill me?”The lady asked.

” Don’t call him.” He reiterated to the lady.

“Where is my baby?” I screamed.

“I kept the baby in safe hands.” He answered.

“Why are you acting so cruel, my baby is suppose to be with me, s—king my br—ast. What do you expect him to drink wherever you kept him?” I asked

“He’s under perfect care.” Evans replied.

“What exactly do you want?” I shouted in frustration.

“Your love.” He answered.