January 28, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 138

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 138


The lead I got led me to a different country, On arriving there, I went straight to the house I thought Evans was but I realized that I was deceived.

He played a fast one on me, while I was there, two men appeared behind me and forcefully led me into a house.

“My wife had just delivered, how can you be so cruel to have me here? my brother really told you guys to do that to me?” I asked.

“He didn’t ask us to hurt you, he only wanted you to remain here for the main time.” He said.

“For the main time? how about my wife that is alone there?” I was bold.

I stood and walked around the room. I leaned by the window and thought about Rose.

What position she would be at the moment.

My phone beeped at that moment and I turned to the man that seized it from me.

“Can I check my message?” I asked.

The man read the message and whispered to the other man in the room.

“No.” The man answered me.

“Do you realize that you are kidnapping the auditor general of the state , be rest assured that once I get out of here, the both of you are going to jail.” I said and sat back.

I knew better to charge at them and fight them but they were with guns, I might get shot in a delicate part of my body.

I will just sit here till I find a better time to strike.

I miss Rose dearly.


Evans received a call and then turned to the lady that Ethan sent to remain with me.

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“Smart, you texted Ethan, you can’t be as smart as us though. Ethan has really forgotten about Rose and is there f–king another woman.” I said.

I remained seated while the lady sat beside me.

“I always trust boss, he will always find a way out?” She said silently to my ears.

“I trust him too, I know he will surely find a way, what I’m more concerned about is my baby, what if he had died before Ethan finds a way out?” I asked silently.

“Seems I’m disturbing the both of you from having a conversation, I’ll take my leave for now.” He said and walked away.

“I will inform the cops about this.” The lady said and called the cops.