October 4, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 141

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 141


“Is Evans here?” Evan’s father asked.

“No.” Martha was quick to respond.

“And…who are you?” Evan’s father asked Martha.

“I do not think that is necessary.” Martha answered.

The man smirked and walked fully inside.

“No one has been this rude to me in the past, who the hell are you?” Evan’s father asked

“I suggest you plan on bullying me ,but If only you know who I am.” Martha answered.

“She’s my friend.” I answered Evan’s dad.

“I had been trying Evan’s digit but it was not going through, if he comes around, make sure you inform me.” The man said.

“Definitely sir.” I answered.

Evan’s dad shot Martha an annoying look and then walked out with the men behind him.

“You are fearless.” I said to Martha.

“They can only bully weak people, don’t mind them.” She said and we both sat.

“How would I find my husband and my baby?” I asked.

“I would go in to start torturing Evans until he tells me the truth, as for Ethan, he would surely find a way out, trust me. He is well trained , just like me.” She said.

I wondered what she meant by ‘well trained’ but this was not the right time to ask.


I lowered my head weakly on the chair, I was not tied nor matreated.

I was acting weak before them while waiting for a perfect time to strike

later that night, I had already realized that they always loosen their guards when it was night.

I studied one of the men and I could see where he kept his gun, I had been trying to get that all these days but I had not been able to.

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Now that I know where his gun was being kept, I should be a step ahead.

As the man sat at the edge of the bed and lowered his head like one that was feeling sleepy, I rolled through the bed and swiftly took the gun out from where he kept it.

The second man in the room saw that and quickly searched for his gun but before he stretched it at me, I had shot him.

The other man who kept his gun tried to fight with me but I only hit him with the edge of the gun on his head.

He fainted immediately.

There were many more guads outside, I just needed to be smart to escape fully.