January 28, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 142

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 142


I tucked the gun inside of me, I dragged the two men that I had shot to a corner of the room and covered them with a duvet. I then opened the door gently.

I saw that there were strange patrols by Evan’s men which made me nervous, but they couldn’t have heard the gun shot cause the room was sound proof.

I went back and changed into the uniform that the men I had shot wore and dressed exactly like them.

I then walked out boldly like I was none of them, none of them noticed until I appeared at the backyard of the house.

I saw that there was a fence there but there seems to be chaos amidst those men.

I have no idea what caused it.

“Exactly, for good thirty minutes, we are yet to hear anything from the boss.” One of the men said.

Oh! I then realized that they were probably yet to hear anything from Evans yet, I hope Martha had dealt with him over there.

Someone shouted from the inside and they all went inside the house, I seized the opportunity to climb the fence and flew outside.

I began to walk through the unknown roads, I was running as fast as I could.

I noticed a car coming towards me so I signalled for the car to stop.

The driver paused.

“Please allow me to enter, I did not know how I get here.” I pleaded.

“Hum..come in.” He said and I hopped inside his car.

A bullet hit the car and the driver screamed.

I turned and saw cars after ours.

“Can I come and drive, please?” I asked.

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The man bent his head and allowed me come to the driver’s seat.

“I do not want to die yet.”The man shivered in fear and said.

I drove roughly and speedily until I get into another road.

I have no idea where I was driving to cause I do not even know the area.

” Where is this place?” I asked the man.

“Back of the state, only drug dealers come here, if you drive straight, you would finally see a road that leads to the left, follow it and we would appear at the city.” He said.

I drove faster and after few minutes of driving, we arrived at the city.

I turned and didn’t see Evan’s men anymore.