September 27, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 145

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Written by Feathers.

Chapter 145


Blood spilled from the nose and mouth of Evans.

“What did you just do? slapped me?” Evans asked.

“Just don’t release me from here cause if you do, it will be your end…dad and I would be coming for you, how dare you slap me?” He asked proudly.

“Evans, I ask again, where is my baby?” I ignored his threat and asked.

“In my @ss.” He said and laughed.

I climbed the bed and threw two blows to his nose. He choked like one that would die.

He struggled to breath and I just looked at him with disdain.

“If you kill me, how would you find your baby?” He asked.

“There are worst things than death, it’s better you stop hardening your heart and deliver my three days old baby to me.” I said.

“Not so soon, do your worst.” He said and I went inside.

I came back with an iron and plugged it.

I turned to Rose and said. : “You would not be able to behold this , leave baby.”

She nodded and walked out.

Good! I know for sure that Rose would not be able to stand the kind of torture I want to put Evans into.

“If I have any mark in my body, I will use it as prove that you really kidnapped and tortured me.” He said with an hardened heart.

“We will see how that goes.” I said and str-ip-ped him na-ked.

“Gosh! if you see my nakedness, it’s even fair, how would you allow this lady see my nakedness?” He asked referring to Diana.

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I took the already hot iron and placed it on his manh—ood, it melts softly while he screamed in pain.

I took it away after a while as the head of the d—-k was dripping heavy bloods.

“Do you still want to be stubborn or you would watch me destroy the only thing that can produce a generation from you?” I asked.

“This is cruel.” He screamed but was not ready to tell me where my baby is.

I placed the hot iron on his d—-k again and melted his d—-!k with the very hot iron.

He screamed until his d—k became very short and useless, more like there was nothing there.

“You are now useless like a man.” I said and he only continued screaming and crying.

He was in serious pain but I have no iota of feelings for him

He should tell me where my baby.