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My V Husband. Chapter 147

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My V Husband.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 147

Rose’s POV

I looked at Ethan but can’t read an expression of fear on his face.

The cops began to search everywhere.

The cops rallied round after few minutes of searching and one of them spoke; “We searched every hooks and crannies of the house sir but couldn’t find anyone, but there is a room that was locked.”

“Take me there.” Ethan’s dad said and the cops lead him to the room.

Martha, Ethan and I also followed them.

On getting to the room, I noticed it was the room that Evans was.

I was scared of what will happen if the cops finds Evans in such position.

Ethan will definitely spend the rest of his life in jail.

“Please , open the door Mr Ethan.” The head of the cops that came with his dad requested.

“Why?” Ethan asked boldly.

“We just need to check if Evans is here, that’s all.” The head of the cop replied.

“I can’t remember the last time I open this room, didn’t know what the password is anymore…
or…” Ethan faced me and asked; “Rose, do you remember the password to this room?”

“Not really sure, but let me try this.” I said and moved to the door.

I knew the password but intentionally pressed a wrong code.

“This is not working.” I muttered.

I tried again with another password and finally gave up.

“Can’t remember.” I said.

“But dad, why are you like this? Have you ever seen or heard about me kidnapping someone? what will I kidnap my brother for?” Evans asked?

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“Call John, tell him to come with the master door opener.” The head of the cop said to one of his men.

The men he ordered went ahead and call the ‘John’

“If you think I did not know what you are capable of doing, then you are joking?” His father said.

Evan’s was fuming in anger.

I was scared cause I belived that the said ‘John’ will be able to open the door.

About twelve minutes later, someone walked in and came towards us.

“John, welcome…the password of this door has been forgotten, open it please.”The head of the cop ordered.

Ethan vomited all of a sudden on the body of John.

John was so irritated that he adjusted back, he felt disgusted.

” Sorry, I have not been fine for few days.” Ethan apologized.

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