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My V Husband. Chapter 148

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 148

Rose’s POV

“This is ridiculous, how can a grown up man like you vomit on a uniformed man?” The head of the cop asked angrily.

“You should understand that it is an involuntarily action so calm your nerves…” Ethan said indifferently.

John who was looking at himself disgustingly raised his head to me and asked politely; “Show me the bathroom please?”

“Sure.” I said and lead him to the bath room, as soon as he entered, I thought of what I could do to help and then, an idea came to my head.

As soon as John came out of the bathroom, I said; “You look gorgeous, sir.”

He smiled and retorted; “Thank you, you are awesome too.”

When I realized he didn’t take a step to move, I asked with a brilliant smile on my face: “How about a dinner?”

“A dinner!” He repeated and chuckled.

“Pardon my rude manners.” I said softly and seductively.

“Oh no! It’s fine… I was only thinking about your husband.” He said.

“No… forget about him, you won’t tell your wife also, right?” I asked.

He smiled and lowered his head ; “I’m still single.”

“Single!” I repeated and shot him a loving look, I glanced at him from head to toe and licked my lower lips softly.

“I wish we can have some time , now.” I said.

“Now?” He questioned.

“Yeah.” I said softly and walked a bit close to him.

“Erm…not bad, but…I need to take an excuse from my boss.” He said.

“And you think he will let you go when you have an unfinished assignment?” I asked.

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“What do you suggest?” He asked.

“Tell him the door can’t be open, with that, he will let you go freely and we can then, meet at…wherever you want.” I said and smiled.

“Nice idea…” He said and we both walked out to where everyone was.

John went to the door and spent few seconds on it, he turned back and said; “It’s impossible to be opened, I’ll try to hack it from my system at home…”

“How long will that take?” The head of the cops asked.

“24 hours max, this door is a specially built door, only few people has it.” He said and the head of the cop lower, d his head, disappointed.

“I’ll leave now so I can start work immediately.” John said and left.


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