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My V Husband. Chapter 149

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 149


I followed John out immediately.

“Press your mobile number here, I’ll call you.” He said and handed over his phone to me.

I pressed the right numbers there but one out of the numbers was wrong. He collected it and walked swiftly away.

Before I could turn back, I saw the cops and Ethan’s dad moving outside, I watched them as they entered their cars and drove away.

“Smart, you just saved us.” Ethan said with a brilliant smile on his countenance.

He stretched his hand wide and I ran to receive it. I rested on his arms for a while.

We then walked back to the room that Evan was, Ethan opened it and saw Evans bleeding bitterly at the area of his manhoød.

“I’ll be taking you from here into a solitary place, I fear that you may live there for life, unless of course you tell me where my baby is.” Ethan said and began to loose Evans.

Evans seem to be too weak to utter a word.

Ethans and Martha carried hm out to one of Ethan’s car, they both entered the car and I watched them drive away.

I went back to the room and relaxed, I was glad for the narrow escape, we would all have gone to Jail if Evans waa seen that way.

Ethan’s POV

As I drove into the end of the city where it will he impossible for the cops to trace Evan’s where about, I thought deeply of how I can convince Evans to reveal where my baby was.

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I had tortured him enough by even destroying his manhøod, there has to be another way to convince him to tell me where my baby is.

“Are you alright, sir?….sir?” Martha asked.

I didn’t respond immediately she spoke cause I was so lost in thought.

“Sure.” I hurriedly put my burdens under subjection.

On arriving at the empty large warehouse that was at the back end of the city, Martha and I carried Evans to one of the disorganized room.

“What’s the plan?” Martha asked gently.

I led her outside the room and said; “Don’t you think torturing him is not working, we just destroyed his manhøōd and he wouldn’t speak still.”

“His hard is so hard, but, I suggest we torture him more.” She said.

“There has to be another way…” I thought deeply and an idea finally came to my head.

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