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My V Husband. Chapter 153

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 153

Ethan’s POV

“I have no where to run to.” I heard the the nurse’s shout, I was almost at the exit of her house. I paused and saw her approaching me. She looked frightened.

“Your father will kill me , please keep me safe till you fix him.” She pleaded. I felt like leaving her, after all, she had my kid in custody all this while and didn’t bother to contact his real parents.

“Please.” She pleaded.

If I take her to the back of the city where Evans was, she could tell the world about it after everything is fixed. “No please, find your way.” I ran out, got inside my car and drove home.

I arrived home and went straight to the kitchen cause I heard some movements in the kitchen. “Rose.”

Rose paused the dishes she was washing and on seeing the baby in my hand, she ran to me and hugged me dearly. She collected the baby and kissed him in his forehead.

“Thank you, Ethan.” She said softly.

“I’m sorry for all you my family is making you go through but I promise to fix it all soon.” I assured her and she nodded.

“I love you.” She cried. It’s being tough on her indeed.

“I love you, too.” I said and kissed her. I thought the kiss would be a short one but it was a long one. We kissed deeply and I noticed she was horny.

I held her by her wrist and lead her inside, she placed the baby on his mini bed and pull-ed off her clothes at once.

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I pulled off mine too and kissed her again, we landed on the bed, I took few seconds to caress her bre-ast.

“F-ck me, Ethan.” She bluntly said and I smiled.

I trusted my very hard d–k Inside her and begin to move in and out. She mo-aned as I drilled her hot. “I love this….deeper!”

Her moan gave me more verve to increase the pace at which I was f–king her.

I turned her to the bed and made her a-ss face me, I slapped her a-ss and began to f–k her from behind.

She held unto the bed sheet tightly and screamed in pleasure.

“Do…you love it?” I asked as I f–k her.

“Yes , baby, f–k me more!” She pleaded and I f–ked for for many more minutes until I cu-mmed mercilessly inside her.

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