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My V Husband. Chapter 154

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 154

Rose’s POV

I was so glad that Ethan brought my baby back, I laid tiredly on the bed after Ethan and I had made love. The baby began to cry and I walked to him, carried him and started brëastfeeding him.

Ethan kissed my second br-ast and smiled, I chuckled.

“He looks cute just like me.” Ethan said as he played with the baby’s soft hair.

“Meaning?” I formed a fake sad expression. “Am I not beautiful?”

“Of course you are, but he’s a male and he looks like me, isn’t it?” He said and kissed me.

“How about Martha?” I asked him.

“He’s at the back of the city with Evans, I’ll check there tomorrow.” He answered.

“And for your dad, how do you plan on handling him?” I asked.

“Rose, don’t worry about them. I just want you to be happy. I’ll handle it, do you trust me?” He asked, starting deeply into my eye.

It’s being a while I gaped into his green eyes, “Sure, ” I smiled.

Ethan’s POV

I got dressed the following day and drove to where the back of the city where Evans was.

I met Martha laying on the first room, she looks worn out and tired. I tapped her and she opened her swollen eye.

“I’ve been awake all night, I only decided to take a nap few hours ago.” She tried explaining the reason why she slept.

“It’s totally fine, you are only helping me and I really appreciate it. How is Evans?” I asked.

“He’s still there, I haven’t spoken to him since you left. I just left him there so he wouldn’t play with my intelligence. I know that people like him can be super smart.” She said and we both walked to Evans was.

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All I saw were bloods all over the bed that we tied him on, I walked closer to him and saw that he was not moving, his eyes were opened but his body weren’t active.

I tapped him but he was not responding, I tapped him again but he wasn’t responding still. It dawned on me that he may be dead.

I stood and watched his lifeless body.

“Dead?” Martha asked me.

“He killed himself while trying to escape.” I said.

“This is sad, I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother.” She said.

“Remain where you are, you are under arrest, don’t try to play smart.” We heard the voice of the cops outside.

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