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My V Husband. Chapter 157

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 157

Ethan’s POV

On arriving at the nurse’s house, I saw that everywhere was locked. Seems the woman had ran away. I had no clue of where she had went to.

While standing at the entrance of the building, my phone rang, without checking whom the caller ID was, I answered.

“Mr Ethan, I planted a little camera at the entrance of my house and that was how I was able to see you. Are you fine?” It was the nurse.

“Oh! Where are you?” I asked

“In an hidden place, I know that your father will find me for sure so I had to run for my life.” She answered.

“Oh! I need to see you, that was why I came.” I said.

“I’m all ears. Even if we see, we will only talk, so what do you want to say? And..for your safety, I suggest you leave the premises of my house.” She said and I obliged but the phone was still on my ear.

“Hope you are at a safe place, I was thinking that I have a better safe place for you to stay.” I said.

“Don’t bother, Mr Ethan. I gave you the chance to protect me but you abandoned me. As it stands, I’ve moved out of the country. It will be a whole lot of struggle starting up with my life again but as long as I’m alive, I will make something great out of my life” She said and I relaxed.

The fact that she had moved to a different country gave me an assurance that dad wouldn’t find her.

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“Dad won’t spare you if he finds you, I’ll advise you not to ever come back to America.” I said.

“To come to America is a suicide mission, thanks for the advise, though.” She said and I swallowed.

I hung up and sighed. Evans is dead and the nurse had left the country. Beautiful, it’s impossible for my father to know anything about me. But then, I should do something that would make my father give up on searching for his beloved son.

I drove home nevertheless, Maybe he would finally get weary after fruitlessly searching for them.

On getting home, I met Rose dressed as if she was going somewhere.

“Where to?” I asked her.

“Your father sends for me.” She answered.

“What! and you plan on going without informing me? what if he hurts you?” I asked.

“He won’t.” She said confidently and walked out.

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