January 17, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 159

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 159

Rose’s POV

Ethan and I had two hot rounds of s-x at night, we slept very sound cause of how exhausted we were. It was the cry of my baby that woke me the following morning.

I stood and walked sluggishly to the baby, I carried it to the bed and breastfed him.

Ethan woke few minutes later, his face was rough as a result of a long sleep but it later turned into a bright one as he stood.

“Love, yesterday was sweet ” Ethan said with a smile.

“Of course.” I chuckled.

“I dreamt that dad shot me.” He said, his look became a serious one.

“My days! … should we travel already? We can travel to a far country where he would never find us.” I said.

“We can deal with him and live peacefully here. Dad doesn’t look like someone that will change his mind so… I guess I’ll have to hurt him if that is what will bring us peace.” He said.

“Oh! what would you do to him?” I asked.

“You’ll find out before today runs out.” He kissed my forehead, stood and walked out of the room.

I think it was good for us to run… Well, I trust him.

Later that night, I was watching a anime while my son was on my lap, the door opened and with the steps, I needed no one to tell me that it was Ethan.

“Ethan!” I called before I even turned to him.

“Sweetheart…” Ethan called with a sour look, I perceived that something was wrong immediately. He handed over his phone to me and I played the video that he had paused.

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I saw a man bandaged from head to toe, such must have had a terrible accident.

“Who is this?” I raised my head to him and asked.

“My dad, I’m sad I had to hurt him.”Ethan said and almost bursted into a cry.

I placed the baby down and walked to him, ” I’m so sorry, baby.”

“Yeah…” He sniffed. “The doctor had said that he would never be able to walk or speak again for the rest of his life.”

“My days! that’s so brutal…” I exclaimed.

I hugged Ethan who already had tears falling down his face, “All will be well, Love.”

“Thank you, I love you, Rose.”

“I love you so much more, my husband.”

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