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My V Husband. Chapter 164

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 164


“Let’s leave, Ethan. I don’t like the nonsense that this man is saying?” I said.

“There could be sense in his nonsense, relax love.” Ethan raised his head up to me and said.

I stood still and folded my arms, the doctor was only speaking absurdity as far as I was concern.

“Technology had really made it easy, if you claim It’s impossible for me to give birth and that my woman probably slept with another man. Well, I’ll perform a DNA text on my baby and if the results prove that the son is mine, you will lose your job, I can assure you!” Ethan told the doctor and stood.

He held my hand and we both walked outside.

“Can you imagine what the doctor is saying?” I asked Ethan after we had sat inside the car.

“I’ll deal with him, let’s perform a DNA text first…you do not have to worry at all.” He said to me and I nodded.

Ethan took our son to the hospital and performed a DNA text on him. I was waiting for him inside the car, I wasn’t in the mood to enter that hospital.

I saw Ethan approaching and I got down from the car at once, “How was the result?”

Ethan didn’t speak but his face was a tight one, as if he was disappointed and angry.

“What’s the matter?” I asked but he only stretched a file to me.

I checked through the result and saw that the it was stated that Joe wasn’t his son.

“How is that possible?” I asked. “Joe is your son, don’t tell me you believe this? ”

“Rose, tell me…during the times that Evans was in our house, did he rape you or something?”

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“What are you talking about? you think I would hide anything from you…I’m disappointed in you sincerely.” I said and looked away painfully.

What’s all these that’s happening again?I only want to know why I had not get pregnant for the past few years, what’s all this about Joe not being Ethan’s son.

When I realized that Ethan might not believe me, I turned to him with a teary look, “You are the only man I had ever slept with… you took my virg-inity, how can you not trust me?”

“Rose! You do not have to lie to me… tell me the truth, please. I promise not to be angry?”

6 thoughts on “My V Husband. Chapter 164

  1. Who can remember the day Evans told Rose the baby is his and not Ethan’s. He even said that please trust me Rose and if you still believe me then ask Ethan. I think all these happened the day they arrived in Turkey for a vacation. She must have had sex with Evans without her knowledge even before Ethan introduced her into him having an identical twins. I just they’ll be able to recall everything and sort out their differences. They killed Evans in the most painful way ever. And I hate them for that ????

    1. I agree with u
      I pray dey remember quickly
      But evans too is at fault 4 kidnapping a day old baby

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