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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 92- End.

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 92


I went to the kitchen to get some yogurts, I drank it as I walked to Mr Ashley Romeo’s room.

I was holding three more yogurts and sat on the bed, he was sitting on his table and reading a newspaper.

I was quiet and stole glances at him seldomly.

“Elizabeth!” He called.

I walked to him and stood beside him.

He placed his hand on my @-ss and said; “When will you start allowing us to make love often?”

I would have bluntly replied with No, but Mr Ashley Romeo is changing this days, if he can trust me with so much money , why shouldn’t I trust him with my body?

“Mr Ashley Romeo, what if I get pregnant?” I asked.

“Not getting pregnant is not one of the forbidden thing when we were singing this fake marriage.” He said.

I just stared at him like I did not understand what he just said, I do understand, I was just disturbed that he made mention of the fake marriage again.

I thought the marriage had converted into an original marriage, but seems in Mr Ashley Romeo, it’s still fake and that really doesn’t go well with me.

“In other words, if you get pregnant, I’ll gladly accept it.” He said.

I still didn’t say a word.

He then stood and said; “Do you trust me?”

Before I could respond, he covered my lips with his. He kissed me passionately and I find myself retortiing the kiss.

Our breathe increased as my body burned lusfully.

We disenagaged at once and stared into each other’s face.

We locked up again into an hot and affectionate kiss.

I helped him rem-ove his clot-hes and he helped me rem-ove mine.

As we kissed, my hand went down to the be-lt on his t-rouser and I unbu-ckled it swiftly.

I dipped my hand straight inside his lo-ng d—-!k.

I helpd it and played with it, I kn-elt before him and placed his d—!k in my mouth.

I s—!ked it passionately while he mø-aned with so much pleasure.

He dragged me up gently and carried me in a bridal style, he dropped me on the bed warmly.

He knelt around me and helped pull do—wn my w-et p-ant.

I was so wet, Mr Ashley Romeo slide his d–k gently inside me.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 93

Elizabeth’s POV

Mr Ashley Romeo went in and øut while I let out loudd mo–an

He was going very dee-p inside me, but I was still enjōying it.

“Go faster, Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said.

I was going crazy with the way he was f—king me, he was just so good at it and I loved it.

Mr Ashley Romeo increased the pace till I got tired, he seems not to be tired and continued.

He pu-lled out and asked ; “Are you tired?”

Because I was enjoying it, I replied; “No.”

“I’ll go slowly.” He said and made me turn to him.

My @ss was revealing to him, he spanked it gently and it felt good.

He centered his d—!k right inside my wêt p—!y and he began to f—!k me.

The tiredness seems to disappear at once, after a while, he increased the pace so drastically and after few minutes , he collapsed on my b-are back.

“You are so sweet.” He said and I blushed.

“You are sweet too, Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said.

“This is your first time telling me the truth about me, you will always speak ironically.” He said.

“You too.” I answered and he rolled away from me.

“Do you feel elated?”He asked.

” You are good in f—king, though and I must confess that I enjoyed it, I would feel happier if this marriage stopped being a fake one in your heart.”

“And who said it was a fake one in my heart?” He asked.

“If it is not a fake one , then what is it?” I questioned.

“Elizabeth, we are already preparing for our wedding, the original one that you want. Also, you saw how I made it known to my workers that you are my wife. You have not learnt how to define Love.”He said.

” Well, I did not study love in school, how can I know the definition of love?” I asked.

“You will bore my baby and I’ll marry you genuinely, I promise.” He said.

“Why would you even write that you wanted to marry me in the next ten years in the first place?”

He smiled faintly and turned fully to me; “Elizabeth, it was only a joke , okay…I’ll tell you what is in my heart, are you ready?”

“Hum….tell me?” I asked nervously.

“I Love….you, Elizabeth.”

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 94


“Did you really love me?” I asked. It seems I didn’t hear that well or perhaps, it was another of his jokes.

“I do.” He said briefly and as I open my mouth to utter another word, he locked his lips in mine.

It was an affectionate kiss, we kissed so greatly

As we kissed, he burnt in lùst and laid on me.

“We just finished a round , Mr Ashley Romeo.” I tried to say in the midle of our rømance

“You would still refer to me by that name after knowing that I love you?” He questioned.

“Erm….I’m kinda used to it and it’s really rømantic, you just don’t know it!” I said but he kissed me again.

He took his hands to my bre–st and played with it. It was already n-aked so he places his mouth on the left bre—st and bagan to s—-k it passionately.

“I love this!” He said as he fu-mbled my brea—st the more. He was su—cking it like some milks we–re coming out.

“I’m not sure our baby will have any milk left to drink, seems you have already dr-ank everything.” I said and he laughed.

He su—cked both bre–st for few more minutes while I moa–ned heavily in pleasure.

He then ask; “Have you being eaten ou-t before?”

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“If I had been eaten o-ut, I won’t be here, Mr Ashley Romeo, I would have died.”

He laughed and said; “My baby is so dense.”

He then separated my le-gs the more and placed his head between my l-aps

I felt his tongue on my p—-Y and I felt so much pleasure, the type that I was then feeling for the first time.

He licked the area and the flesh of the p—-Y first.

He used his hand in separating the p—Y a little and dipped his tongue in.

Oh my gosh! It was so sweet that I was mo–ãning loud and loud.

It was the first time a man would be êa—tïng me out and it felt so good

“Go on Mr Ashley Romeo.” I pleaded and he continued.

He then began to use his teeth to ca-ress it softly and that was where my head felt like it would blow off.

I held Mr Ashley Romeo’s head and pushed it deeper in me.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 95

Elizabeth’s POV

Mr Ashley Romeo continued eating me o–ut well, I felt something came out of me all of a sudden, I had cù—mm–ed mercilessly.

Mr Ashley Romeo took his face away from my p—Y. It had been litered with my c–ùm but he still looked cute and handsome.

“Do you like it?”He asked.

” No….yes….yes, Mr Ashley Romeo. I love it. “I said and he smiled brightly.

He walked inside the bathroom and cleaned his face.

He came back to me, he was na-ked and beholding his long d—!k, I felt blessed.

He came to slump beside me and was turning fully at me.

” I need to clean up too.” I said and he nodded.

After I had cleaned up, I laid beside him nake-d and faced him.

“How long did it take you to fall in love with me, Mr Ashley Romeo?” I questiomed.

“I fell in love with you the day you acted as my bride.” He confessed.

“What! since then, why did you make it look like I was nothing to you?” I asked.

“Do I? I brought you to my house and gave you access to everything in this mansion, you could drink yogurt all you want, jam music all you want and have all the fun you have , you could eat whatever food your soul desires. How else do I prove you that I love you?” He asked.

“I see….” I reasoned with him.

“Everytime you run away, I always find you and bring you back to me, do you think that If I do not have a feeling for you, I would search for you?” He asked.

“Hmmm.” I only hummed and blushed at his words.

“Am I still the type of lady that suits into your dream wife?” I asked.

“It was the mistake I made, I wanted you to fit into a style but I realized it wasn’t necessary anymore. Just be yourself, I love you the way you are.” He answered.

“Really?Do you know I steal sometimes?” I asked and he chuckled.

“I knew you were greedy, you were greedy cause you felt you couldn’t depend on my money , now that you know you have access to millions of money in my account, you shouldn’t be disturbed anymore.” He said.

“True, you have always been the one kissing me, can I kiss you, Mr…Ashley Romeo?” I asked.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 96

Elizabeth’s POV

Mr Ashley Romeo smiled and said; “Sure!”

I looked thinly at him and kissed him. It felt so good.

I disengaged and turned from him, I just want to think about all that was been happening lately.

Mr Ashley Romeo pressed his d—!k with my @ss instead.

He rubbed my @-ss and said; “This is beautiful, just like every part of your body.”

I didn’t turn to him but only smirked.

He spanked my @-ss lightly and I felt his d—!k gained strength all of a sudden.

He insterted his d—!k right inside my p—Y, He pushed it in from behind and it touched the spot I loved most.

He started pul-ling in and out, I could feel him very hard.

He moved closer to me and his right hands went to my b—-St. He played with it as he f—!ks me more and more.

He increases the pace while I kept moaning like I wo-uld die.

He pushed deep inside of me all of a sudden and tightened his hands on my breast like he would tore it off.

I didn’t feel any pain at all and I understood that he was releasing seeds inside me.

He pul-led out and let out an heavy sigh.

Mr Ashley Romeo made love with me last month and even released inside me,

How come I haven’t seen any sign of pregnancy yet?

I turned to him and placed my hand on his chest.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, is it that your spe–rm can not become a baby or what?” I asked.

“Why?” He asked indifferently while still facing the ceiling.

“Well, we had being f—king and you have been releasing inside me, yet, I was not pregnant.” I said.

“Have you tested yourself?” He asked.

“No, but I will know when I’m pregnant.” I said.

“Why are you so dense, have you got pregnant in the past?” He asked.

“Seems you forgot your took my virgi–nity.” I answered sharply.

“If you have never being pregnant before, how can’t you tell either you are pregnant or not. You should tell Sam to drive you to the hospital whenever you are free.” He said.

“Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m not going anywhere, I will do the test….but what If I’m pregnant?” I asked.

“Rain will fall and thunder will strike, see dumb question.” He uttered and turned away from me.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 97

Elizabeth’s POV

“Really? so I’m asking dumb questions?” I asked angrily.

He did not reply.

“Sinerely, if I have a d—!k, I would have f—ked you from behind.” I uttered angrily and he just smirked.

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“I can pay the doctor to implant a d—!k in you, I can even arrange for the surgery tomorrow.” He said still turning away from me.

I spanked his @ss softly and he stiffed briefly like an electricity surges through his body.

“Elizabeth, what are you doing?” He asked.

“Same thing you do to me.” I amnswered and spank his @ss again.

I then rubed my p—Y to his a-ss as if I were fu&&-king him.

He shook his head and said; “Seems you want another round?”

I quickly took my p—Y away and spanked his @-ss one more time.

“Your @-ss is succulent.” I said and chuckled silently.

“But yours is as hard as rock, it’s full of bones.” He said and my mood changed swiftly into a bad one.

“Han Han! Really? Haa…You said my @ss is full of rock, why then did you say it was beautiful then?” I asked.

“It may be beautiful to the face but anytime , I slap it, it was like I’m slapping a rock.” He answered.

“Oh really!… would you mind telling me what kind of rock my @-ss feels like so I can know what to do?” I asked.

“I would have said sedimentary rock but sedimentary rocks are ugly, so yeah, your @ss is like a metamorphic rock, you should perform an operation on it so it can be changed into a soft one.” He said.

“Thank you, I will know what to do.” I answered and was quiet for a while.

“But Mr Ashley Romeo, how come I didn’t feel anything when you were f—king me, I would have felt better if it was ban-ana that was thrü-sting inside me.” I said, trying to get back at him

“Meaning that banana would have done a better job than my d—!k?” He asked.

“Exactly, your d—!k seems hard to you but soft and short to me?” I lied.

His d—!k was actually long, very long.

“Oh! how come you were mo–Aning like you wanted to die?” He asked.

“I just had to pretend so you won’t feel bad, Mr Ashley Romeo, please perform a surgical operation on your d—!k, it’s very necessary.” I said and tuned from him.

The Accidental Bride.

Weitten by Feathers.

Chapter 98


I woke up before Mr Ashley Romeo this time, he was still sleeping comfortably like he wasn’t going to work.

I didn’t disturb him at all, I went ahead and started dressing, after I had dressed , I went to Mr Ashley Romeo and tapped him.

“Aren’t you going to work today?” I asked him.

“No.”He answered and slept back.

” Well, you are the C.E.O, you can do what you want.” I said and walked out.

As I got outside, I checked the time and saw that it was fifteen minutes after 7AM.

I still have a lot of time, I called Sam and as he heard my call, he ran to me and bowed slightly.

“Good morning , ma.” He ran to open the door of the owners seat fo me.

Isn’t this Sam? or…is it Sam’s twin brother?

“Sam!” I called and he turned to me but his head was still lowered.

“Wonders shall never end!” I mumbled and got inside the car.

Sam closed the door gently and ran to the side of the driver’s seat. He began to drive.

I was stunned at Sam’s act today.

I said it, everyone working around Mr Ashley Romeo are weird. He is even weird himself.

Imagine trying me with $1,000,000

After we arrived at Mr Ashley Romeo’s company, Before I could open the door, Sam had hurriedly got down and came to open the door for me.

I walked out and ignored him, I took an elevator to my department, as I appeared, every staff working stood and rallied before me.

“C.E.O, welcome.” They all greeted happily.

CEO? Who’s C.E.O?

A man stepped forward and said; “I will be awarding you with this badge, it is according to Mr. Ashley Romeo’s command.”

The man placed the badge on me and declared saying; “You are officially the C.EO of Romeo’s tech inc.”

The man then faced the workers and said; “Please welcome ourr new C.E.O with a round of applause.” He said and everyone clapped.

Really? So I’m now the CEO.

Two security men walked in and they saluted before me. They described themselves and their ranks and that they were meant to be my bodyguard as the new C.E.O.

A petite beautiful lady stepped forward and said; “When Mr Ashley Romeo was the C.E.O here, I used to be his secretary, now that you are here, I will be glad to work with you.”

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 99


I was led into a very big and beautiful office. It was not even like the usual office I use to see, it was more like a sitting room and it was very cold.

I wonder how many ACs were there, rich people really have problem, how can someone adapt to this kind of temperature.

“Can you reduce the temperature?” I asked one of the men that led me to the office.

“Sure.” The man went ahead and reduced the temperature.

I was stunned when I saw a fridge, I quickly prayed that yogurt would be inside.

I went to the fridge and opened it, the only thing there was yogurts.

Mr Ashley Romeo was just as crazy as me, he knew I loved yogurts, so he stocks it all in here.

I took one and closed the fridge.

I tore it and began to drink before all those corporate men, they all exchanged glances but who were they to say the CEO is doing what was not official.

“This is your seat Mrs. Romeo.” The man that had badged me said and I sat.

But I continued drinking my yogurts.

“I’m really glad I was appointed as the C.E.O….I do hope that…” I made sure I drank the yogurt I as holding finish.

I sighed slightly and continued ; “I do hope we have a good time here.”

“Definitely Mrs Romeo, Mr Ashley Romeo is a good man and treats everyone with equity, the rules of the organizations are simple , once we follow it, he is cool with us.” The man said.

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“Wow! erm…can you get me another yogurt there?” I asked and one of the men went ahead and got me a yogurt.

I tore it and began to drink it again.

” So, I’m listening.” I said as I drank.

“Your secretary; Anita would be willing to address any issue that is incomprehensible.” The man said.

“Good, What department are you leading sir?” I asked the man that badged me.

“I’m heading the Romeo designs.”The man answered and I stopped drinking my yogurt for a second.

” If I get this right, you mean….the popular romeo’s design at New Yørk and England is for Mr Ashl.. for my husband?” I asked.

“Sure, I assume you Iid not know how great and powerful Mr Ashley Romeo is. We will now take out leave.” The man said and stood.

They walked out leaving me with the secretary.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 100

Elizabeth’s POV

After the secretary had shown me few things about the office, I sat and did few more stuffs.

When it was closing time, I walked out and already saw the two bodyguard standing at the entrance

I then, remembered that head of department that use to maltreat me, it’s time to deal with him.

I walked to his table and he hurriedly stood respectfully as he saw me.

“You maltreat me when I was not yet the C.E.O, you are fired.” I declared and the two guards behind me went to him immediately.

“Leave, Mr.” They said to him.

“Calmly, please, let me pack my things.” He said and packed few stuffs.

As he walked out , he said; “I was only acting on Mr Ashley Romeo’s order”

I realized that Mr Ashley Rimeo could have ordered him indeed so I change my mind.

“Reemployed.” I declared.

“I’m grateful.” The man said and returned back to his position.

Wow! I’m now powerful.

Just by my word, people are getting fired.

I walked out with his guards , a car was already waiting for me downstairs, I stepped into the car and I was driven to Mr Ashley Romeo’s house.

“Sam!” I called and he ran from where he sat.

“Mrs Romeo.” He called my name respectfully.

I smirked and felt like knocking him on the head.

“Remember when you say harsh and rude words to me, I promise you that I will become the C.E.O, now I am.” I said.

“Congratulations, ma. I was only acting on Mr Ashley Romeo’s order.” He said.

“You guys are puppet or what?” I asked but didn’t wait for his reply.

I simply walked inside.

Mr Ashley Romeo sat doing nothing, seems he was expecting me.

“I’m now the C.E.O” I said before him.

“Seriously? how come I did not know?” He asked.

I chuckled and said; “Thank you, I’m grateful.”

He stood and said; “Come and hug me.”

I ran to him and hugged him right.

I looked at his face happily and kissed him.

“You are handsome indeed, and beautiful at heart.” I said to him.

“Mrs Romeo, do you still think our marriage is fake?” He asked.

“Not anymore, you have already let everyone know I’m your wife. I love you.” I said and hugged him tight

“How many people did you fire today?” He asked and I laughed.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 101

Elizabeth’s POV

“Have you gone for pregnancy test yet?” Mr Ashley Romeo asked.

“Not at all…” I answered.

“You are still doubting the fact that you are pregnant?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” I answered and sunk to the chair.

“Leave now and tell Sam to drive you to his office?” He commanded.

“But I just came back from work, I need to rest?” I said

“As if you did anything else other than drinking yoghurts.” He said

“I hope my baby won’t like yogurt crazily like you.” He said.

“Your baby! where is he?” I asked?

“Oh! Don’t you know I have a baby?” He asked.

“Really? where is he?” I questioned.

“Come with me.” He said and took me to his room.

“Right there.” He pointed to the bed.

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“Can’t see anything?” I answered.

“My baby is so dumb , my baby is here.” He said and placed his hand on my belly.

“How can you be so sure I’m pregnant yet?” I asked.

“This was why I wanted you to conduct a pregnancy test on yourself.” He said.

I determined to perform the pregnancy test once and for all.

I walked out.

“Sam!”I called and he walked swiftly to me.

” Drive me to Mr Ashley Ro….my husband’s hospital.” I said.

“Got it.” He answered and opened the door of the car for me.

I got in and he did the same, he began to drive

On arriving at the hospital, I conducted a pregnancy test and it was said that I had been three weeks pregnant

I was so happy that I now have Mr Ashley Romeo’s baby inside of me.

I took the test result with me, I can not wait to show it to Mr Ashley Romeo.

On getting home, I couldn’t find Mr Ashley Romeo in the living room. I walked inside his room and saw him laying on the bed with only his play p-ant.

What gave me goosebumps was his hard d–k that was visible in his playpant.

“I am pregnant.” I announced happily.

He smiled and said; “Congratulations Elizabeth, all your dreams has come true, from being a CEO to being my orignal wife, to gaining my true love and being the mother of my children.” He said and I blushed greatly.

“Thanks sweetheart.” I said and he stood from the bed.

“I’m glad you just call me sweet name. I love you, Elizabeth.” He said.

“I love you more, Mr As…I love you my baby.” I said and we hugged tight.

The End.