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Married To Mr Popular. Episode 13

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

Episode 13

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

I stepped down the car slowly as I walked into the house.
I met Mom working on her laptop as usual.
She is staying at home this days.
I walk pass her, she noticed someone is in the room and took let eyes away from the laptop.
“Welcome baby ” she cooed sweetly and I roll my eyes. ????
“Yeah ” I said simply and walk upstairs but she call me back.
“Find something nice to wear, we are going to the Chupa’s Family” she said simply and I scoffed.
“For what? “I asked not ready to meet that jerk.
“You and Xavier had to catch up before the wedding ” she said and I look at her unbelievably.
I don’t want to meet him now at least.
“Is it necessary for us to catch up? ” I whined and she glared at me.
I think that is the end of the conversation.
I walk upstairs angrily.
I am still trying to accept my fate of getting married and mom is here saying that I and Xavier have to catch up.
Can my life get more worse than this? ????
I opened the door to my room and put off my shoes angrily.
I walk to the wardrobe to look for something nice to wear.
I picked out a short gown reaching my knees and a black simple sandal.
I put the clothe on and wear my sandals.
After picking up my phone, I walk downstairs and I met mom dressed up already.
She flashed me a smile she took a glance at my outfit.
“I am ready” I said simply and we made to go.

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☘️Miya’s Pov☘️

“Xavier are you coming already ” I asked and he huffed.
“I am on my way home ” He said coldly and I sighed.
“Mom you know you pushed me to this?, is it a must to marry that girl?,I am in the middle of meeting with my staff when you called,i don’t like this mom” he rasped and I sighed.
“Anyways, be expecting me soon ”
He said and hung up.
Not long after, Kira and her Daughter, Leila arrived, she look so stunning in her short and simple gown.
“Good evening ma’am ” she said and I smiled at her.
Kira cursed under her breath.
“Evening baby, how are you doing? ” I asked sweetly.
“Fine ma” She said simply.
“Come sit down” I gestured and she sit.
“Miya can we talk” Kira said coldly and I smiled.
“No problem, Leila make yourself comfortable, we will be back soon ” I said calmly and she nodded.

☘️Kira’s Pov☘️

We walk to the hallway and u grab her hand roughly.
“What is the meaning of the stupid Catching up” I rasped and she laughed.
” Seriously,why did you come then when you know it’s a stupid catch up” she said mockingly and I sighed.
I wish I did not run away with her money.
Look at what it caused now.
“You know something,if anything happen to my daughter, I will kill you” I threatened and she look at me like I am acting before bursting into laughter.
“I can’t guarantee you that okay” she said finally and I walk downstairs.

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

After they left, a young lady walk in and I recognized her immediately.
She is Bethel, Xavier younger sister, I heard she is a spoilt brat.
She glared at me and walk.
“So you are the desperate lady huh ” she said and I furrowed my brows.
“Is my brother the only man on earth that you have to push yourself to him to the extent that you are getting married ” she rasped and I stared at her angrily.
Those words hit me badly.
“I am not desperate okay” I said simply and she is surprise I can talk back at her.
“Let see how it goes ” She said angrily and climbed the stairs.
Soon Mom and Xavier mom walk in.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting ” Xavier mom apologize and I smiled.
“No problem ma”

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Xavier walk in and I shivered on the seat.
“Oh he is here” His mom beam.
He stare at me and I gulp.
“welcome Xavier” His mom greeted sweetly and he nodded.
He look so hot in his tux.
“Xavier, I think you should lead Leila to your room to have some private time” she said mischievously and I gasp and a smirk plastered on Xavier lips.