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Married To Mr Popular. Episode 18

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

Warning ⚠ ⚠

Like Before Reading

Episode 18

☘️Leila’s Pov ☘️

The wedding day……

I look so beautiful as the make up artist did a miracle on my face.

I can’t believe this is me.

They wore me my wedding gown and fix my veil on my hair carefully so as not to mess up the makeup.

☘️Unknown Pov☘️

We walk into the building after the guards ask us a lot of questions and check our bodies, they gave us entry.
The security there is just too tight!!!

We walk into the mansion and oops, many people were in the living room.

“What are we going to do? ” I asked impatiently and Marie my friend sigh.

“Where is the letter first? ” she asked and I did my hand into my bag, I bring it out and hand it to her.

“I think we should give one of those guards to deliver it to her ” she suggests and I dallied for a while.

I think that’s a nice idea.

“Okay” I call a guard walking around and he came over.

“Is there anything you want?” he asked coldly.

“We want you to deliver this to the bride” I said and stretch it to him but he didn’t take it.

“What if it’s a letter bomb” He asked and I managed to smile.

“Common I didn’t mean evil” I laughed nervously and he stare at me before collecting it.

Thank God!!!

“Okay” he said simply but I called him back.

“Please make sure you hand it to her personally” I said and he nodded.

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As soon as he walk out of sight, we hurried out of the house.

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

After the make up did their work, they left the room immediately leaving me alone waiting for mom to come lead me downstairs.

A guard walk into the room and bow before me but I notice he is holding something.

“Good day ma’am ” he bowed and I nodded.

“Is there a problem? ” I asked.

“No ma’am a lady said I should give you this letter ” he said and I collect it from him confused.

Who could be that????

“What is her name? ” I asked as I tore the seal.

“She didn’t reveal it” he said and he bow before walking out of the room.

I opened the letter and start reading it.

The letter read thus……..

“Hi Leila, you think you are lucky having the country sweetheart as your husband and wrapped around your fingers,don’t be too lucky to have him cos it’s not gonna be easy before you are lead to the aisle, it’s better you opt out of the marriage or else you are dead”

My head rang as I read the letter, who could be this??

Mom walk into the room hurriedly.

“Leila we are running late, let’s go ” she said hurriedly.

“Mom you have to check this letter ” I said almost crying.

“What is it”she asked and collect it.

She read it and suddenly burst into laughter, she laughed so hard that if she is not my mom I would have spank her.

“Really is that why you ate almost crying ” she asked and I furrowed my brows.

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“Mom it’s not funny” I almost yell.

“You know Xavier is popular and there are many desperate to be in your shoes ,it might be one of them sending this” she said but I wasn’t convinced.

“You don’t have to be scared okay” she said and grab my hand and led me slowly out of the room.

We walk downstairs but I am still thinking about the message.

“Leila ” mom call sternly and I smiled, a fake smile tho.

“This is your day okay” she said and I nodded.


Mom held my hand as he led me to the alter slowly, mom squeeze my hand at intervals to calm my nerves down.

Xavier look so cute in his blue tux ,he look at me in a lustful way like ripping my dress off my body.


“Did you Xavier Chupa take Leila McCall as your lawfully wedded wife in times of need and sickness ” he asked and he stare at me before answering.

“Yes I do” he said simply.

The reverend ask me the same and I answered.

“Now you may kiss the bride ” He said and I gulp nervously.

He walk slowly to me and unveil me, he stared at my exposed breast and I almost wee in my panties.
He lift my chin up and place his soft lips on mine and the crowd yell crazily.

I couldn’t respond to the kiss because I don’t know how to kiss.

He pulled me closer to himself kiss got more intense.

A small party was held later in the evening and almost all celebrities and important personnel in the world were present.

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I grew bored and walk to my new room, our matrimonial room, my clothes are there already.

I put off my clothes and freshen up.

I lay on the bed and Xavier walk into the room, I pretend sleeping.

He walk in the bathroom to bath I think.

After sometime, he is done bathing.

I felt him came to the bed and I shivered and close my eyes tightly.

He snake his hand around my waist and pull me to himself.

“I know you are not asleep “He said in a deep breath.

“You know we ate married right “he asked and I only nodded.

He kiss my neck slowly licking it and I shivered.

I am only wearing a short netted nightie revealing my laps.

“You know I am now having access to your body “He said and grabbed my ass in his hands.

“Now I want you ” .