January 17, 2022

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Married To Mr Popular. Episode 19

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

Episode 19

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

My eyes dimmed immediately and I held his hand on my ass.

Oh God I am not ready for this, I am still a virgin.

I knew he is my husband and he owns my body now but I am not ready to have sex.

“What is it” he asked darkly yanking my hands away from his.

“I am….” I fumbled with my words not knowing what to say.

“Common I will be quick and fast ” he cooked and turned me slowly to him.

He grab my breast and fondle it through my dress and I almost whimper.

He raise my clothes up and pull it off, I grew scared immediately, I am now in my undies alone.

“You are so fresh” he muttered under his breath.

He pulled my panties down and move his hand slowly to my back and unhook my bra.

Right now, I am naked in front of him, I was so shy that I had to cover my breasts but he take my hands down.

He calmed in between my legs, he kissed me slowly and I responded, his pink and soft lips forcing his way into my mouth and I gave him entrance.

I was so lost in the kiss that I didn’t know his hands were on my vagina already.

He pushed a finger in and I unlock from the kiss and scream but he covered my mouth quickly.

“You don’t want them to hear do you” he asked and I shook my head.

He start moving his fingers in and out slowly and I was beginning to enjoy it but not until he pushed another finger in making it two.

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I screamed in pains and burst into tears immediately, it hurts so much.

If he hasn’t penetrate yet, then why am I feeling much pains.

“Sorry “he muttered slowly and I nodded.

After a while he pulled his finger out and roll over me, I thought it was over not until he start pulling down his briefs and his cock popped out.
Oh my God it was so big!!!!!

I wish I could run away.

He came to the bed and came in between my laps and I grew so scared.

He kissed me again but I couldn’t respond.

He pulled himself into me at once and I screamed like a mad woman.

Oh God it hurts so much, I start crying but his hands on my lips couldn’t let me cry that much.

He start moving in and out slowly and all I could do is just to cry, why couldn’t he let me go???

He start increasing his pace and I burst into tears holding him tightly to myself.

“Let me go” I yelled but he didn’t listen to me.

Oh God look at what mom pushed me to.

I felt the cut and I screamed more harder as the pains increase tremendously.

“Xavier please ” I begged but it fell on deaf hears.

I couldn’t take the pains any longer as I held him so tightly with my nails on his back.

I knew his back will be fill with blood right now but I didn’t care.

“Xavier ” I begged and he only muttered sorry and pounce harder into me.

“I am sorry ” he said lowly and I cried the more.

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When I couldn’t take it anymore I pass out in his arms.