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Married To Mr. Popular. Season 2 Episode 3

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

#season 2

Episode 3

☘️Miya’s Pov☘️

I cursed in fear inwardly as he stared at me, expecting an answer.

“Uhm…. ” I trailed off.

“She is a slit brother, she left home for the past three days and we’ve been looking for her, we decided not to call you because you might be distracted “Bethel lied and I have a sigh of relief.”Really ” he scoffed in shock and dip her hands in his pants pocket.

“Yes Xavier, I tried advising her that cheating on you might cause a lot of harms to her and your marriage in particular but she wouldn’t listen ” I spread my arms dramatically lying and he scoffed again.

Oh God!!!!

I pray he believes me.

“Mom are you sure of what you are saying “He asked trying not to believe us.

“Yes brother, we are very sure”Bethel butts in.

Claire,one of mom maids signal at me not to believe her and I Smile.

“What if I find out that you are lying “He asked with a lopsided grin and I almost shiver but I cover it up with a smile….. a fake smile tho.

“Yeah we are sure” I said and look at Bethel who nodded her head also.

“okay then” He said and walk back to his car, to the driver seat and someone step down the car, I gasp when I realized it’s Leila.WHAT!!!!!!

I start trembling, he wrap his arms around her waist, she bent her head and they moved closer.

Claire scream and hug her tightly, she tried so hard not to cry.

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“But you said you’ve been looking for her for the past three days ” He said and I bent my head shamefully.

“I came back yesterday and I found Leila lying at the door step in the heavy rain crying “He said angrily and I shook my head crying.

“Are you thanking that cruel,what has she done to you that made you inflict so much punishment on her” He rasped angrily and I shook my head crying.

“Even you Bethel” He said and grab her arm, he slap her hard across her face while she fell her knees crying.

I surprised Xavier slapped her because she has never hit her before.

“You even beat her to the extent that she lost my baby, our first child” He said painfully and I gasp.

Oh my God!!!!She is pregnant!!!!!

What have I done?????

I killed my first grandchild with my own hands!!!!

I now realize that I fool myself, I am now more richer than Kira, then why am I bent on taking revenge on Leila???

I hope Xavier forgives me.

“You made her lose our first child mom, you are so wicked including you”He points to Bethel who weeps profusely on the floor.

“Brother I am sorry ” she begged and Xavier scoffed.

“Will sorry being the baby back” He asked painfully while Leila cried bitterly. “You know something mom, I didn’t want to see you around me, around my house, company and vicinity cos as from today you are no longer my mother, I disowned you already ” He said in anger and grab Leila hand as they head towards the car.

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I quickly run after him.

“Xavier I am sorry” He begged but I didn’t listen to him.

He opened the door for Leila and he hop into the car driving out of the compound.”You caused this mom, you made me so cruel to get to the extent that she lost her baby ” Bethel cried crazily.

“I am sorry” I begged.

“I so disappointed in you “she yelled and rush into the house while I wept slowly.

Xavier disowned me!!!!!

I wept slowly as I walk into my room dejectedly.

☘️Nina’s Pov☘️

Dan gulp the whole content in the glass down his throat.

It’s been a month and Leila hasn’t been in school which is delaying our plans.

“So why hasn’t she be in school “He asked dejectedly and I sighed.

“I don’t know brother ” I said and he huffed.

“So what are we going to do ” he ask.

“I don’t know ” I said tired of the whole thing.

“And we must be fast” He said.


“Maybe we have to wait then”


☘️The unknown Pov ☘️

“Why hasn’t she be in school ” I asked frustrated.

“I don’t know ” Marie replied.

“Even if she is present, what are we going to do because we are not having any plans yet” I said almost screaming.

“I having a plan already ” She smirk and I stare at her.

“What are your plans ”

“We are going to arrange some boys to rape her and we will send the pictures to her husband ” she said and I beamed.

That is a good plan!!!!!

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