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Married To Mr. Popular. Season 2 Episode 8

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????????Married to Mr Popular????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️

#Season 2

Episode 8

Max Pov☘️

Next day……

I got to school and Leila hasn’t arrive yet but Nina is in school already.


I sit beside her and she smiled at me.

“Hi” I greeted .

“Hi how are you doing? ” She asked.

“I am fine you? ”

“Fine” she replied cheerfully.

“And I am sorry about yesterday ” I apologize.

“Oh stop apologizing okay I am not angry about it anymore ” she waved it off.

“Okay so as for me to be sure you accepted my apologies, I am giving you this necklace as a gift ” I said and handed the sparkling necklace to her and her eyes dimmed.

“wow, thanks ” she said happily and I help her fix it.

“And you must be wearing it everytime ” I said and she nodded.

“sure, I will always wear it besides it’s beautiful” she said happily and I smiled.

I smiled in victory????????

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

A month later…….

I spilled out the whole content in my stomach as I felt so weak and tired.

What is happening to me???

Am I pregnant???

I remembered that this kind of thing happened when I am in Xavier mom house and Clare said I am pregnant.

I didn’t even realise that Xavier is behind me until I turned around.

“What’s wrong with you Leila” He asked and cup my cheeks.

“Uhm I am fine you out don’t have to worry about me” I said trying to convince him but he didn’t look convinced.

“Xavier ” I drawed and hold his hand.

“Okay ,I only care about you but If you say you are okay, it’s fine then” He said and swept me off my feet carrying me into the room.

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Next day……..

I felt so dizzy in school as I didn’t really concentrate on what they are teaching us.

I walk into the restroom dizzily dragging my legs and when I couldn’t take it any longer, I fell on the floor with my eyes turning.

I wake up to find two pairs of eyes staring at me.

Where am I???

I remembered I was on my way to the restroom and I fell down.

Oh God!

What is wrong with me????

“How are you feeling now” Xavier said caringly kissing my forehead.

“I am fine now or maybe I should say I am getting better ” I said with a smile and he helped me up.

I now realize that I am in the school hospital.

“Did you know the reason why you slumped” He asked and I shook my head and he sighed.

“The doctor said you are pregnant ” He said and I gasped.

Oh God!

I am carring a baby??

I hug him tightly sobbing softly.

He wrap his hands around my waist and rub my back slowly.

“Hey stop crying ” He cooed.

“I can’t believe I am carring a baby again ” I said with tears in my eyes and he chuckled.

“Let’s go home” He said and kissed me slowly on my lips before carring me carefully.

We met the matron at the reception and bade her goodbye after she gave me some drugs.

☘️Nina’s Pov☘️

I eavesdrop there conservation and I can’t believe Leila is pregnant.

Why did our plans always fail when we are about to execute it??

I think I have to tell Dan about this.

I walk out hurriedly when I heard approaching footsteps.

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I head towards the restroom and lock the door quickly.

I bring out my phone from my pants pocket and dial Dan number quickly.

He picked it up at the first ring.

“Hello sis ” He said over the phone.

“Dan there is a problem ” I said alarmingly.

“What is that ” He asked anxiously.

“Leila is pregnant ”

“What!!!!”He screamed.

“What are we going to do about it” I asked .

“When you get home” He said simply and hung up.

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

I buried my head in his chest as I got shy when we got outside because the gazes on us could make me freak out.

He dropped me in the car and sit beside me.

The driver took off immediately.

We got home and he opened the door for me while I walked in slowly.

“Should I carry you” He asked but I shook my head.

He wrap his hand around my waist and helped led me upstairs.

He made me lie down and tuck me in slowly.

He kissed my lips and soon I slept off.