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My V Husband. Chapter 169

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 169


“Dad!” I called when I realized that he wouldn’t say any word again.

“You call me dad? Funny!” He laughed and ate more from his food. “You left home and went ahead to enjoy your life, forgetting the fact that you are our only child. We only want the best from you, do you have to leave us heart broken?”

“I apologize, dad.”

“Apologize? Someone killed your son and came to you that he killed your son but he apologize, would you accept that?” He asked.

“But I didn’t kill anyone, I was only acting as a kid.” I said.

“A senseless kid. Anyways, what did you want from us? Cause your mother and I had already moved on, not like we didn’t know where you were, we just felt like since we are nothing to you, there was no point reaching you.” He said.

“Rose, you are bad child.” My mom said.

I lowered my head sadly, enough of the rebukes. I know I was wrong, they should just help me.

“Maybe you can perform a DNA text in a different hospital, there might be a mistake somewhere.” My dad said.

“But the doctor also said he has a low spe-rm count and that it was impossible for him to impregnate anyone.” I said.

“Let’s make use of another proficient hospital before we know what next to do.”He said.

” But how do I speak to him about it? He does not even joke with me like before, he hardly talks to me at home.” I said.

“I’ll talk to him myself, you are a prodigal daughter but you are still my daughter.” My father scolded and walked inside.

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He was already done eating.

Three days later, my dad and I flew back to Atlanta, we arrived in the evening. As we walked in, the sight of what I saw broke my heart.

I saw a woman sitting before Ethan with a cigarette in her hand, she was only on a bu-m s-hort and a lingerie, could they be having se-x while I was away?

That was perhaps the reason why he didn’t bother to call me for the three days that I was with my parents.

“Good morning, Mr Ethan.” My dad ignored the lady and greeted Ethan politely.

“He’s my dad.” I said to Ethan. Ethan has never met any of my family members.

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