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The Healer. Chapter 10

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 10????♥️????

nonso ran out of the compound with his mother who was already in tears.
meanwhile prince drema was still waiting,he strained his eyes to check time it was already 4:30pm
“this is serious..I can’t believe am waiting for someone”he muttered and walked down to where his car was packed. he leaned on it.
bethel was able to track his location down so she came with Mr Kelvin.

“i prepared everything for the travel sir”
“I told you i won’t have time today”Dre replied, his face cap covered his face fully.
“what are you doing here that made you cancel the deal?*Mr Kelvin asked.
“nothing,I just feel like staying here alone with nkem. you and bethel can kindly leave us alone you’ve overstayed your visit in fact you’re never welcome”Dre said

“as you wish rema but I hope you will change your mind concerning the deal…

mr Kelvin and bethel stepped into the car and drove away.
“Rema is really getting strange..you can imagine him walking out of 140millionaire what will I tell sir Miguel…am tired of covering up for drema”bethel said.
“whosoever rema is waiting for is special because the rema I know doesn’t like dirt you can imagine him staying in this type of environment”mr king said.
“I wonder who it is”bethel said.
“me too…

Mr Kelvin abd bethel didn’t actually leave,they packed their car at a distant. bethel was really concerned about who drema wants to see.
it began to rain,she looked out the window drema was still leaning on his car

“we need to stop drema,he will catch serious cold”she said.
“leave him alone…
“just let’s stop him..
“let him be”Mr Kelvin said.
“it’s raining
“it’s not too much
“drema has a condition”
“I think he is moving in… you care too much about him, remember you’re only an assistant” Mr Kelvin said..
“thank God”
bethel felt relieved..

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drema sat in his car with nkem.
nkem knew the time wasn’t by their side again plus it’s getting dark.

Chidinma mother arrived at the chief empire he came out minutes after madam Tamara arrived too.
“good evening chief…please where is my daughter”she asked.
“is it really true you borrowed money from community savings??.
“yes I borrowed the money but I returned it” she replied.the chief faced madam tamara.
“she said she returned the money so why snatch her daughter??

“ummmm my chief you see…
“hmm her payment was late”

“what time did she bring payment?
*hmm 12pm mid night meaning the day already passed and that is the same thing as she doesn’t have funds and the community punishment is slavery” madam tamara said.

“Chimoooooooooo” chidinma mother couldn’t help but shout.
“enough*the chief said.
“it’s a lie my prince the payment was never late

“this is my judgment…your daughter must serve madam tamara for 7days” the chief said
madam Tamara wasn’t still happy with the days she thought the chief will say 1month despite all the money she gave him yesterday.

“this is unfair oooo
“this is unfair oooo….her actions ain’t deliberate my daughter got there earlier but Tamara rejected the money…

nonso took his mom away to the house.
“the good heart of a mother they say melt the heart of the gods.wgy is my own different? I borrowed money for a child welfare another child got snatched from my hands why? why me God the creator?
Chidinma mother started crying

“mummy stop crying…it’s just for 7days she will soon come back” nonso said.
“why should I stop crying? only the gods knows what my daughter is going through in her house,only the gods knows ..”

“mama please hold yourself…I plead with you for us all please..”
“hmmm am not crying anymore..am strong”
she cleaned her eyes.

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that night Chidinma was taken into madam Tamara’s compound,the guards left her there and madam Tamara walked up to her.
“kneel down”she said
Chidinma remembered the chiefs warning so she knelt.obeying this woman for 7days is something she thought she could never do.

she pounced in her immediately she knelt,
she pulled her hair and started beating her.

“you caused me embarrassment…you caused me pains!!! how dare you beat him up!!!!

Chidinma screamed as her hairs were being pulled painfully.her screams filled the nooks and crannies if the compound.
A sick prince from the nearest kingdom heard her scream and got healed immediately unknown to madam tamara

she left Chidinma and pushed her.
“rubbish…rubbish how dare you!!!

the other maids laughed at Chidinma who was in tears. It was the perfect time to make jest of her…

“show her the dirty clothes and the barrel, give her a pot after she must have washed all my clothes. Let her fill the barrel with water before night falls”..

Chidinma wiped her face.
*I have not offended you…take back your allegations bikonu(please)” she said

“you still have the mouth to talk…right?
you little witch,have you not done enough, didn’t you beat up my son because he wooed you….ohhh you think you are the only beautiful maiden in this kingdom..

you’re going to live here
you’re going to work here
day and night.
until I release you in the 7th day
take her away.
“take her out of my sight. Nonsense..

the maids dragged her up.
“oya oya. biyen nsi só(faster faster)….

madam Tamara walked into the sicks room one after the other and was surprised to see prince edwardlooking Hale and hearty.
“I’m healed”the prince said.
“you mean you’re fine”
“yes am fine enough to eat” he replied.
madam Tamara was surprised
“you want to eat that means you’re hungry thanks to the gods I will tell a maid to get you food at once….
she walked away.
???????????????????????????????? Night

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nkem checked his time again
drema already knew it was late,Chidinma won’t come again so he told nkem to drive off. “are you coming??
“yeah am heading towards there now?.
Chidinma sat on the floor.
she separated herself from the other maids as the thought of meeting who nkem said she wants to meet filled her heart.
she looked at her pretty cloth which was now soiled with dirt..
she really failed the person she was suppose to meet….

what if the person is still waiting??
she stood up and made a sneaking attempt until she heard a barritone voice.

“where do you think you’re going??

Chidinma moved back.
“where are you going to
“I’m talking to you are you deaf, speak” madam Tamara said.

“emm I…I…I was just…

“where are you going for the last time???
*stop that nonsense am talking to you*..

“my mother I want to go and see her”she said
“you want to go and see your mother. who gave you the permission to leave this compound….umm I like your guts.
let this be a warning,
don’t you dare leave this compound unless I say so”.

“don’t dare me ..
“Chidinma don’t dare me.
“get out of my sight and go and grind the pepper” ..

she ran in and walked to the large kitchen, some maids laughed at her and those where the ones that are jealous of her.

she grinded the pepper, madam Tamara asked her to bring it so she left.
“this is it where should I drop it??” she asked.
“what type of question is that?? pour it on my head now” madam Tamara replied..

and Chidinma poured the pepper on her head at once.